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Ágora is a digital platform used to call and organise meetings, making all the information available to attendees in a transparent and secure way.

Agora is a web platform that makes it possible to speed up and simplify the calling of meetings in companies and public institutions. It is part of Cuatroochenta’s technological solutions offering following the acquisition of 4TIC. It was launched in 2016 to manage the organisation of meetings for the collegiate bodies of the Valencian public universities. Since then, ten Spanish universities have begun using it, including the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the University of Barcelona (UB).

Many companies and institutions periodically hold large meetings, such as meetings of the Board of Directors or the Governing Board, where organisation is key, especially to optimise the time invested in this type of meeting. This is precisely the main objective of Agora, which allows the management of all these meetings to be unified in a single tool, increasing effectiveness and productivity.

This software covers the entire process of managing a meeting, from its convocation to the publication of agreements, voting, and minutes. It allows you to manage the meeting attendees, set the time, day and place (also if it is telematics), add an agenda with the different topics to be discussed, attach documentation and send a link to the call, if relevant, with all relevant information to the attendees.


In addition to having access to all this information from the cloud and with total security and privacy, the meeting invitees can confirm their attendance, designate a substitute, and delegate their vote to another person, or comment on the different points on the agenda. In this way, the planning of the meeting can be tracked to achieve another primary objective: that attendees have all the information and documentation in advance.

Ágora functionalities

Meeting management

Configuration of meeting invitees/attendees

Management of bodies


Sending notifications to attendees


Participation monitoring

Management and publication of agreements

Closing and digital filing of the meeting minutes

Electronic voting

Access and treatment of information from the cloud

Integration with customer systems

Agora manages all the meeting information and offers the possibility of confirming attendance, managing substitutions, delegating votes, and even voting electronically.