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Cloud solutions, hyper-automation, blockchain, Internet of Behaviour (IoB) and cybersecurity are a strategic part of the technological innovations for the scenario left by the pandemic.

It is clear that the year 2020 will remain in our collective memory for a long time. Companies, workers, suppliers and customers have had to make an effort to maintain activity and overcome the effects of the health crisis. But it has also been a year of new challenges, opportunities and many lessons learnt. 2021 is still full of uncertainty but with a clear premise: technology will be strategic in driving the way out of the crisis.

What are the technological innovations of 2021?

Global spending on information technology will grow 4% during 2021, according to forecasts by Gartner. After significant fluctuations in the market in 2020, investment in IT is expected to recover to the levels of 2019. Business software will be the sector that will experience the highest growth (7.2%), followed by data centre systems (5.2%) and services (4.1%) and devices (4%). In addition, higher spending is expected in areas that accelerate digital business, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or customer relationship software.

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This entire network of services and technological solutions is almost infinite right now and we must look closely at the main trends in technology that will mark 2021. What many had considered an option, in recent months has become compulsory. Teleworking, e-commerce, virtual interaction and social distancing will continue to mark, to a large extent, this new year. The way out of this crisis will depend on how well we can adapt to and how quickly we can adopt new technologies. Forrester is blunt and says that ‘digital engagement will become the main driver of customer value’.

The cloud will remain essential for business continuity

The cloud has been at the centre of the recovery from the pandemic and everything indicates that digital growth will be dominated by the cloud strategy. The impact of lockdowns and restrictions have reinforced the value and need to adopt these types of technological solutions. Without applications or tools in the cloud, companies would not have been able to send their workers home, nor guarantee the activity nor operation of many organisations.

Spending in the cloud environment will continue to accelerate. Forrester’s 2021 Predictions ensure that the public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021. For Gartner, although software as a service (SaaS) remains the largest market segment, platform as a service (PaaS) will be the one that will increase the most with a 26.6% increase.



Integrate AI into cloud operations

Speed, profitability, reduced maintenance costs, continuous updating, increased confidence and security are some of the benefits of the cloud. The market has been firm as companies accelerated their migration to the cloud and rushed to launch new applications to adapt to new production routines and the needs of customers and suppliers. An example of this robustness has been the growth of the main public cloud servers (AWS: 29%; Microsoft Azure: 47%; Google Cloud: 43%; and Alibaba: 59%).

New business models are expected to emerge this year that will facilitate the deployment of cloud platforms. The future of technology in software development goes through the multicloud with the simultaneous use of various services. As its adoption becomes widespread, companies will need more sophisticated tools, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to monitor, manage and secure all resources: virtual machines, containers, applications, storage, networks, etc. According to IDC, the future of cloud operations to gain security will involve integrating AI, which is known as AIOps.

Fuente: IDC

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