CheckingPlan is an intelligent platform for process management in Facility and Field Services that ensures the optimization and monitoring of services.

The powerful CheckingPlan platform, which is part of Cuatroochenta’s products and services offer after the acquisition of Asintec, responds to the needs of multiple sectors that seek to optimize the management of tasks and processes of both mobile personnel and measuring operation times (TMP) in industrial environments. We are specialists in the intelligent management of Facility and Field Services processes, with private clients and contract management through service companies, among others:

Street cleaning

GRSU (Waste Management)

Parks and gardens

Process management in hospitals

Cleaning and maintenance of large infrastructures

CheckingPlan is a software solution that is based on the inter-connectivity between:
Frontend – IoT Integration – Backend

The project is parameterized from the cloud back office; the zones, sites and assets to be accessed are configured. The tasks, the frequency with which they must be performed, the assigned personnel, the protocols and the related checklists are determined. In addition, the back office is the environment in which KPIs are monitored and which contributes to business intelligence thanks to the efficient recording and traceability of information. Service managers keep track of tasks, manage employees and resources, visualize service status data in real time and can automate the generation of periodic reports.

The general premise of CheckingPlan is to record information at the exact time and place in which it is generated, which leads the platform to integrate with different IoT devices and sensors: people counting cameras, presence clocks, sensors, etc. facial recognition, On Demand Buttons… The result is immediate action and monitoring in real time.

CheckingPlan functionalities reach processes, people and the efficient registration of the information generated by the company’s activity. Its sectoral approach and 100% flexible parameterization allow the platform to be customized for each client and each project, so its versatility ranges from road maintenance, waste collection, through cleaning, maintenance and security management in hospitals, schools, train stations, airports, hotels or public buildings, among others.

CheckingPlan improves the productivity of more than 35,000 professionals every day.

CheckingPlan functionalities


  • Field solutions, field app for task development.
  • People-counting cameras and indoor/outdoor location of assets and people.
  • Advanced structuring of assets, inventory.
  • Map viewer, interface for asset management and route planning, work route design.
  • Sensorisation and monitoring of fleets and assets.
  • Weather monitoring, external data to automate tasks.
  • Preventive maintenance, occupation, corrective and security.
  • Management of collection and distribution of laundry services.
  • Collection of hospital, biosanitary and pathogens waste.


  • Time registration solution for clocking in and out of work.
  • Clocking of entry and exit to the job.
  • For offices, field tasks, remote employees, both external and outsourced.
  • Dynamic reports and notices for workers and HR.
  • Holiday management.
  • Access control and security.


  • Reviews and quality control, checklist and control of procedures.
  • Reports and monitoring, OLAP cubes, dashboards, KPIs, automatic reports, export and data integration.
  • Satisfaction surveys, trend analysis, on-demand services.

CheckingPlan improves process optimisation through the management of recurring, automated, on-demand tasks and incidents across the board and in different professional environments.

Who uses CheckingPlan?


Optimise management, information and processes in field and office work.

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