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The vehicle and asset fleet management platform that increases productivity and profitability through monitoring and planning of tasks and activities.

Geombo is a platform focused on optimising fleet management, which, in addition to the monitoring and geolocation of vehicles and assets, allows monitoring and management of the tasks and activities generated by those vehicles or assets. How? Through two types of task.

Mechanised tasks
Sensorisation allows the collection of information on the activity of a certain vehicle, for example when an urban waste collection truck picks up and empties a container. 


Manual tasks
These tasks require the intervention of an employee to be registered on the platform, and they do so through forms or checklists. Returning to the example of waste collection, the worker at the end of the round, or when the truck is full and is going to unload, completes a form recording how much the load weighed, in which area it was unloaded, the time at which this has occurred, and so on..

Geombo Tasks

Geombo Tasks is the service manager that complements the GPS location. Through an agreement with Garmin, Geombo Tasks allows you to register activities and associate the tasks with a form. For example, the forms linked to refuelling tasks, in which the employee manually fills in the information on the price of the fuel, or, for taxi drivers, in which the integration with the Garmin browser allows them to record how many services they have performed, the type of journey, etc.

Adapting to each case, Geombo Task allows parameterisation of the platform to automate processes in order to save costs and improve results.

Geombo offers a web environment or desktop BackOffice, which allows viewing of the location in real time; management and control of vehicles and assets; control, management and visualisation of scheduled and performed routes; and a report designer with automatic notification delivery system.

Through the on-board screen, the platform provides real-time communication with the driver or operator of the vehicle (receive pop-up messages or view the list of stops) and Gembo Tasks allows recording and control of tasks in an independent way in situ, through the forms and checklist previously configured from the BackOffice.

Via the web environment, within a fleet of vehicles the user can control the maintenance, repairs or incidents that the vehicles have suffered or, in the case of employees, work reports, and signatures on order delivery notes for delivery companies.

Geombo functionalities

Real-time GPS tracking
Which allows requesting specific positions, monitoring in real time, and knowing the route of a vehicle for a given period of time.

Routes and waypoints
Check the history of stops, follow-up and search for routes, control limits, check schedules, etc.

Groupings and waypoints
Visits to potential customers as points of passage, segmented into categories based on the priority of each one, maintenance of fixed assets (containers, streetlights, etc.).

Alarms and events
Geombo generates alerts for unauthorised movements (anti-theft), security zone alarms, speed, maintenance, etc., where notifications are sent directly via mobile.

Performance reports
Visualisation of routes and alerts generated. Possibility of exporting custom activity reports.

Active protection of the location of vehicles and other mobile assets 24/7, 365 days a year.

For the correct monitoring of the activity and status of assets, Geombo integrates with a multitude of sensors: temperature, door control, weight, and volume. The sensors indicate, for example, if a collecting vehicle is full, a room has lost temperature, etc.

Control via mobile phone
A mobile terminal and internet connection allow users to know where the fleet or assets to be located are situated. It controls the last positions, monitors alarms and registers consumption.

Integrates with custom or business management software (CRM/ ERP).

Embedded display integration
Thanks to the integration of the platform with the screen installed in vehicles, supervisors and managers have real-time access to the location and activities of the fleet.

Who uses Geombo?

Emergency vehicles: paramedics, firefighters, etc.

Urban cleaning. Management of urban solid waste collection (sweeping machines, cleaning mopeds, collection trucks, container washers, etc.), detection of the filling level of containers, location of containers.


Long distance transportation. Road transport, location and filling of tanker trucks, tire pressure control.

Machinery. Indoor location and forklift management.

Building. Location and management of hours in cranes, construction containers.

Other. Management of taxis, delivery services

Geombo integrates with numerous devices to achieve sensorisation that allows asset activity to be monitored and has a large number of approved devices for the correct operation of the platform and the vehicle or asset. Geombo integrates with new location devices, new solutions, and third party software.


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