Data Analytics is Cuatroochenta’s advanced data analysis unit, specialised in getting the most out of organisations’ data to improve their business performance and turn them into Data-Driven companies. Data-Driven.

To achieve this, our team maintains constant communication with each client, in order to understand their business objectives and deliver valuable insights that help them to be more effective through the implementation of BI analytics software and artificial intelligence (AI) using the algorithms that best suit them.

The goal is to take control of the data and implement a methodology that helps decide the way forward to optimise each business, turning complex data into key information and ensuring real-time decision making.

Business Intelligence Services

1Business Intelligence

Consultancy and advice for the implementation of the best business intelligence solution providing actionable conclusions that provide business results.

Business Intelligence solutions are designed to integrate different data sources, facilitate reporting and perform the appropriate analysis for decision making.

Data organisation

Our team will examine and transform information sources to ensure that you have accurate, easily accessible data in one place.

Agile decision making

Achievement of a 360º vision of the business to optimise decision-making based on the knowledge provided by the reports and dashboards that are designed. In addition to receiving business indicator alerts on any device.

Detection of business opportunities

Locating trend patterns in the market to be able to anticipate the competition, in order to choose the actions that satisfy the wishes of end customers thanks to the advanced analysis of data and the use of artificial intelligence.

Data-Driven Enterprise

Possibility of sharing reports with the rest of the organisation so that each user can take control, analyse and improve business processes.

A Business Analytics service in the cloud.

Multiple connected data sources.

Multi-device access to information.

2Artificial Intelligence

AI services aimed at adding value to clients’ products, services and business models. Through concrete and real solutions such as:

Dynamic pricing (reinforcement learning) (reinforcement learning)

Key service to improve the pricing strategy that increases the profit margin through price depending on the moment.

Product recommendation systems

Making personalised recommendations of the products that best suit the customer’s wishes.

Generation of predictions

Predictive models that make it possible to respond to business doubts in order to predict future demand.

Customer clustering

Service that allows companies to segment their customers based on similar characteristics in order to be able to offer services and products adapted to each identified customer profile.

Improved customer service (Chatbots)

Increased performance of customer service, by allowing in an initial phase to provide a service to a greater number of current and potential customers.

Customer retention

Detecting the status of each customer to know when they are likely to stop using a product and service in order to make the best decision to retain them.

Route optimisation

Perfecting the working times of the vehicle fleet.

Predictive maintenance

Better maintenance of equipment to achieve cost reduction, extended service life or better planning in its use.

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