Solution developed by Cuatroochenta for creating, modifying, globally distributing and monetizing interactive content and publications.

480interactive is an apps creator to publish content for marketing, design and content professionals. It exponentially increases the chances of magazines, newspapers, ebooks, comics, catalogues, yearbooks, reports, presentations, in which you can include interactive contents such as video, panoramic images, animated images and 3D.

The main characteristic of this tool is its accessibility: you can start using it independently through 480i Viewer; neither upfront investment nor commitment required. You can create apps only to the cost of publishing on Apple Store and Google Play.

Targeted to freelance designers, traditional multimedia publishers, advertising agencies and companies of any size which want to create, disseminate and commercialize interactive contents and publications for tablets.

Accessible in three easy steps:

1. Create…

interactive publications with Adobe InDesign and the free Suite 480interactive.

2. Test…

how your creations look with 480i Viewer.

3. Publish…

and spread your creations on APP Store and Google Play.

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