Alejandría is document file management software allowing any company or institution to organise their documentation, both in physical and electronic format, in a comprehensive and secure way with the support of blockchain technology.

The Alejandría file management platform, which is part of Cuatroochenta’s range of products after the acquisition of 4TIC, meets a growing need, both for public institutions and companies, to manage and preserve a large volume of physical and electronic documentation. It also incorporates the use of blockchain technology to guarantee the integrity and traceability of stored documents and files.

Alejandria was born in 2013 with the aim of preserving, ordering, and classifying the documentation of university archives. The University of Girona (UdG) was the first to pioneer the software, and currently there are seven university centres using the product, including the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). During this time, it has become a key tool for the management of documentary archives and collections and is already being used to manage more than 500,000 files.

Document management and classification

This software makes it possible to unify, in a single platform, the management and classification of physical and electronic documents, and even hybrid files containing both types of media. It foresees the integration of other applications that the organisation uses through API, avoiding duplicate information or information in different locations, thus increasing order and efficiency.


Freeing up space and access control

When referring to huge volumes of documents, another of the software’s great advantages is in freeing up space, given that it covers the entire life cycle of a document, from its creation to its indefinite conservation or destruction, taking into account the legal criteria and internal regulations of each entity. This process also includes the control and supervision of access, loans, transfers or consultation.

Use of blockchain

With this technological solution, organisations gain security and transparency since Alexandria has also integrated the use of blockchain. The traceability of critical documents and files can be recorded on the blockchain and any changes made to the documentation can be controlled at all times, thus avoiding any type of manipulation.

Document resealing

The resealing of documents is another of the security guarantees offered by this platform. It is a mechanism that verifies, electronically, the validity and authenticity of documentation, adding a new seal when the previous one is about to expire.

Alejandría already manages and administers more than half a million documentary files.

Alejandría functionalities

Document archive management

Traceability integrated in blockchain

Access control

Integration with other applications via API

Flexibility in metadata

Integration in physical deposits

Compliance with ENI and ENS

Resealed documents

Main clients

  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
  • Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (UJI) 
  • Universitat de Girona (UdG)
  • Universitat de Lleida (UdL)
  • Universitat de Vic (UVic)
  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV)
  • Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC)

Alejandría integrates in a single platform the administration, conservation and classification of the documentation of an organisation, according to the current legislation and/or the internal regulations of the entity.