How do we do it?

Our service value chain

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We advise

Our Business Analysis team advises clients based on a detailed study of their requirements.

Analysis and advice

Clients communicate their needs through a brief basic requirements document or simply a conversation. From then, our Business Analysis team provides them with advise in order to structure a detailed study. Depending on the size and nature of the project, our consultants can prepare:

  • Requirements analysis.
  • Study of processes.
  • Digital transformation plan.

In this way, risks and uncertainty are minimised, so that the team’s approach becomes aligned with customer expectations. Our reports offer clear information on the scope of the project, its functional and technical characteristics, the required budget and a time estimate.




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We plan the project

Once a project is approved, our Planning team carries out a work plan aimed at creating a transparent and reliable environment.

Project planning

An essential source of satisfaction for our clients is our Planning team, who, once a development or implementation project has been approved, carry out a detailed work plan aimed at creating a transparent and reliable environment.

Each project is unique; for this reason, we carry out an exhaustive analysis to assess the best profiles to assign.

A project manager will be assigned, who will act as reference person for the clients, advising and accompanying them throughout the process. The clients can access the project status at any time through the Jira platform, providing them with information on its progress and situation.

In each project we establish the most appropriate management methodology, again adapting to the client and project characteristics. We have experience in Scrum, Agile, Critical Path Method (CPM), and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).

Profile assignment

Project status (JIRA)



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We design your project

The Design team will carry out the design of the graphical interface and user experience based on the requirements analysis.


The Design team, who have developed more than 100 projects and rely on knowledge generated by the feedback of more than 5 million users employing some of our solutions and applications, will carry out the design of the graphical user interface and user experience based on an analysis of the requirements.

From an omnichannel perspective, the team will develop a coherent experience for all the formats in which the project is deployed: desktop, mobile, tablet, wearable…

The design unit also produces digital identity manuals, adapting the company’s corporate visual identity to its environment and digital formats. Through this guide, brands and companies ensure a coherent experience between the digital and physical fields.

Navigational studies

User studies

Architecture studies

User interface

Visual identity


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We introduce solutions

In the analysis phase, the existing solutions and their ability to meet the project requirements will be investigated and evaluated.

Implementation of solutions

In the analysis phase, the existing solutions and their ability to provide a solution to the project requirements will be investigated and evaluated.

At Cuatroochenta we have our own solutions aimed at optimizing processes such as Checkingplan, Fama Systems or Geombo and we are committed to cloud technologies from the main firms, being able to implement them, advise, train and support the client for their parameterization and use. Thus guaranteeing the continuity and success of the solution.

We are specialists in the implementation of Business Management Software as Microsoft Gold Partners. We also have our Suite of products with integrated cloud utilities and microservices for equipment optimization, productivity improvement and security.

And through our cybersecurity firm, Sofistic, we are partners in artificial intelligence solutions such as DarkTrace or endpoint security solutions such as Crowdstrike.

In addition, we implemented ELK Stack and Power BI as solutions for the integration and analysis of large amounts of data, allowing the information available in the system to be optimally exploited.

Process optimisation


Interpretation and implementation

Training and support

Dynamics 365 Business Central







ELK Stack

Power BI

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Custom cloud software development

In those cases in which pre-existing solutions, whether they are owned by the client or come from third parties, do not provide a sufficient response to the project requirements, Cuatroochenta develops custom cloud applications with a fullstack vision and DepOps through the main technologies and programming languages.


  • Symfony
  • NodeJS
  • J2EE


  • React JS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular


  • iOS (Swift y Objective-C)
  • Android (Kotlin y Java)
  • React Native
  • Flutter


  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle


  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Adobe Suite


  • Power BI
  • ELK Stack
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Spark

Payment gateways

  • Redsys
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • PayNoPain


  • Dialogflow
  • Firebase

Soluciones cloud

Bespoke development



Web development

Mobile development

Front-end development

Backend development


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We guarantee quality

The Beta-testing and Cybersecurity team will verify the correct operation and will audit the solutions before putting them into final production.

Quality Assurance and Cybersecurity

We include a Quality Assurance layer in all our projects through our Beta-testing team, who will verify the correct operation of the solutions before they are finally deployed and put into production.

Initially, the Beta-testing team will perform a cold functional check, emulating the process a user will follow for the first time (that is, having the same information at that time). Subsequently, they will carry out an in-depth analysis including stress tests, route tests, and verification of compliance with project requirements and designs.

Finally, our Cybersecurity team will be responsible for the security audits agreed with the client, ensuring that the applicable standards based on the type of project are met. If the client requires it, this will include the required complementary measures to protect the infrastructure and applications throughout their life and respond to any security events that may occur.

Sofistic Atlantis SOC

Quality Assurance



Stress tests

Route tests

Verification of requirements

Verification design specs

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We deploy your infrastructure

Our Systems team works with the main cloud infrastructures oriented to both small data and big data.


Our Systems team works with the main cloud infrastructures geared towards both small data and big data. We are highly specialised in deployments in Amazon Web Services.

Cloud infrastructure

Smalldata – Bigdata

Amazon Web Services

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We accompany the client

Based on the nature and type of projects, a continuity and maintenance plan will be proposed.

Maintenance and support

According to the nature and type of projects, a continuity and maintenance plan will be proposed, always ensuring the availability of the service, adaptation to a changed environment (updates to operating systems and integrated technologies), and evolution by implementing improvements and launching new versions.

In addition, the Business Analysis team offers support for the design of the project road-map, advising on the configuration of work plans.

Continuity and maintenance

Version Road-map

Availability of the service



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Orientation to microservices

Fundamental pillars

Holistic view

Our teams work in an integrated and holistic way to develop technological architectural solutions for our clients in a scalable, flexible, robust, efficient and secure way. Our Business Analysis team supports, analyses and defines the design of solutions and our products and services are developed to be interoperable and compatible by default.


R&D: Constant analysis of available technology

Our R&D department evaluates trends and new technologies to identify their true potential to support the client in the best possible way. Thus, Cuatroochenta’s Data Analytics team develops and implements software to make the best possible use of data for organisations, based on data analysis and visualisation solutions such as PowerBI or Kibana, but also with its own Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to generate automatisms and improve decision-making.

User experience (UI/UX)

All of Cuatroochenta’s projects revolve around the context in which they will be deployed, especially in relation to the users who interact with applications and solutions. Always in search of the most efficient implementation thanks to intuitive and friendly user experiences, regardless of whether the platform is for external use (customers, suppliers, general public) or internal (employees and collaborators).


Cloud developments and solutions, as the company’s own culture is cloud native.


All knowledge is focused on process optimisation with a clear orientation towards results.

Business Analysis

Cuatroochenta has a team specialised in translating business objectives into technological solutions, consultants who handle the same terminology as directors of operations, marketing, business development, production, sales, etc. They carry out detailed requirements analysis, so clients can rest assured that the project is developed to their specifications and the solution is aligned with the client’s expectations.


Cuatroochenta works from a perspective of interoperability between systems. Familiar with the integration between applications and services, it makes sure that all of its implementations are accessible in case the client wishes to base them on third-party solutions. APIs are developed that help the client’s business to grow thanks to new models of working together.


The projects managed by Cuatroochenta can be scaled up or down to respond to the needs of a few to millions of users.


Cuatroochenta has its own cybersecurity firm, Sofistic, a leader in critical sectors such as banking or infrastructure, which guarantees work that adheres to the highest standards.

Tools we use