Sofistic Cybersecurity, Cuatroochenta’s cybersecurity unit, is a MSSP specialized in maximizing visibility of threats provided by AI, while minimizing Incident response time through automation.

With 15 years of experience, in IT & OT pentesting, Sofistic is specialized in mitigating risk, maximizing protection of assets and incident response, without compromising business efficiency. Currently, the company manages the cybersecurity of financial institutions and critical infrastructures, such as governments, airports, energy companies and other highly sensitive critical environments. Sofistic has offices in Spain, Panama, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and the United States.

Cybersecurity products and services

Atlantis SOC

For the uninterrupted protection of its clients, it relies on Atlantis SOC, its own Security Operations Center distributed across 2 continents and prepared to maintain 24×7 service in the face of meteorological risks, catastrophes or massive attacks.

  • 24×7 monitoring (avoiding alert fatigue). Optimal Incident response Threat hunting
  • It helps to acquire knowledge, increase visibility and focus on prevention

Pentest / Ethical hacking

Evaluation of the state of the systems against attacks, simulating and carrying out these attacks as if it were a real malicious hacker

  • Infrastructure
  • E-commerce
  • Web & Online banking
  • Mobile
  • Code
  • Social engineering and antiphishing
  • Hardware

OT & ICS Pentesting

  • PLC & RTU design
  • Communications
  • Firmware & Real time O.S.
  • Security by Design

UARESAFE Mobile Threat Defense

  • Manage and improve mobile devices cybersecurity and their connections with your company
  • Complete visibility with UareSAFE + Microsoft Intune (MDM)