Mobile Threat Defense


App for the protection of mobile devices that allows companies to improve their security, protect themselves against cyber-attacks and secure their employees’ connections. The company obtains visibility of the security status of all mobile devices in a simple way.


UareSAFE is a solution developed by Cuatroochenta’s cybersecurity unit, Sofistic, which allows to manage and improve the security of enterprise mobile devices and their connections. It acts to prevent information leaks, malware attacks and insecure connections that can expose to cyber-attacks.

How does UareSAFE protect your enterprise devices?

It combines the state-of-the-art VPN, which stands out for its speed and security, with the Android antivirus that detects Trojans, viruses, and abusive advertising. Thanks to the active community of researchers, the app has already scanned more than 76 million applications.

of applications analyzed
of malware applications detected

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