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An application that allows doctors to identify incompatibilities between anticoagulants and active ingredients of medicines in a precise and agile way, developed by Cuatroochenta for the Spanish Society of Cardiology.

Providing information on how compatible the interactions between anticoagulants and any active ingredient to know how it can affect the efficacy and safety of treatments is the objective of InterApp, the new application of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC), which again relies on Cuatroochenta for an advanced app development.

What does this tool bring to the medical profession?

Antithrombotics (drugs that reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and blockage of arteries and veins) and medication in general can interfere with each other when taken by a patient, so they need medical supervision to check whether this interference exists and to what degree.

That is why, for medical professionals, precise management of drugs and, above all, of drug interactions, i.e. compatibility between anticoagulants and any active ingredient, is essential. Having a tool for this purpose that speeds up the search for and precise location of information makes medical practice easier.

InterAAp, is an application focused on professionals in consultation, which allows the collaboration of cardiologists, oncologists, haematologists and pharmacologists.


The specialist selects the type of anticoagulant and the active ingredient. At its launch, InterApp has 1,358 registered drugs, a large list of active ingredients in alphabetical order, which can also be accessed via a search engine.

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App for use by medical professionals only


App for iOS, Android and web format

Practitioners can download the app and access it from mobile devices or access it from the practice computer.  

Extremely simple and fast

In two clicks, the physician selects the information they need to cross-reference: type of anticoagulant and active ingredient.

Colour coding

The answer on drug compatibility is reflected by a colour code: red, yellow and green.

Backend for updating and accessing reports

The development has a back-office where SEC professionals can update information on drugs, as well as consult statistics on the anticoagulants and active ingredients most frequently consulted by specialists.

Cuatroochenta has previously worked as a technology provider for the SEC in other developments, such as the Ariadna app, the collaborative map to locate defibrillators; QXAApp, an app that allows health professionals to know when and how to suspend treatment with anticoagulants before surgery through a scientific test; ClinicApp, a library of clinical cases that tests the knowledge of health personnel in a targeted way and AnticoagulApp, an application designed for patients, which functions as a virtual assistant to control treatment with anticoagulants.

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