Main solutions

Development of integrated solutions with IoT devices. Solutions that enable customer loyalty and improve the user experience through apps connected to devices and services.
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Development of e-commerce solutions. M-commerce allows online stores to benefit from mobile features: geolocation, integrated payments and customer loyalty.

Development of solutions for logistics and warehouse management. Development and integration of applications with geolocation for delivery tracking, fleet control, route optimization and integrations (CRM/ERP) among other services, aimed at a more efficient operational management.

Development of solutions oriented to the optimization of SAT equipment.Solutions geared towards improving the integral management of work equipment in real time to reduce costs, time and risks.
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Development of solutions for the health and sports market. Wearables and apps transform the healthcare sector by improving patient care and supporting the work of healthcare professionals through the creation of secure digital databases or applications that enable remote patient monitoring.

No-code / Low-code solutions. Software development platforms aimed at improving the performance of companies, allowing solutions with virtually no code for the creation of flows based on previously defined actions and rules.

Data Science. Experience in projects where the focus is on business intelligence by applying technology to maximize performance and be able to draw conclusions that improve profitability.

Solutions for people management. Solutions oriented to team management and training.

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Our experience

Custom software development

Cuatroochenta develops custom cloud applications with a fullstack and DevOps vision through the main technologies and programming languages. We manage the process from start to finish, from conceptualization and development to implementation and maintenance, as well as advising on for new growth opportunities.

Microservices: a solution for every need

Putting technology at the service of our customer’s needs in a cloud environment requires mastering microservices architecture so that applications can be scaled up or down depending on customer needs.

Business Analyst

We bring technology closer to the business, understanding why and how things happen to offer the right solution.


We have specialized solutions that optimize processes and the management of specific activities.

Development as a differentiating factor

Developing new solutions to cover those specific areas not covered by current options and thus make a difference.

Cloud solutions

Tailor-made developments



Web application development

App development

Front-end development

Back-end Development


No-code / Low-code

UI/ UX Design

Business Analyst

At Cuatroochenta we have a specialized team that translates business objectives into technological solutions with teams adapted to the needs of each project.

  1. R&D: Constant analysis of available technology to identify its true potential.
  2. User Experience (UI/UX). The projects revolve around the context in which they are to be deployed
  3. Cloud. Architecture contracting by service
  4. Results-oriented process optimization
  5. Business Analysis to translate business objectives into technology solutions
  6. Interoperability between systems, integrating applications and services (ERP/CRM Physical devices (IoT) Geolocation In-app payments Bluetooth Beacons)
  7. Scalability to respond in an optimal and gradual manner
  8. Security. Cybersecurity to ensure the highest standards.

Our teams work in an integrated way and with a holistic vision to develop technological architectures for our clients in a scalable, flexible, robust, efficient and secure way.

Technologies and programming languages we use:


PHP con Symfony


Java + J2EE



React JS


Javascript + JQuery




iOS (Swift + Objective-C)

Android (Kotlin + Java)

React Native + Javascript o Typescript





SQL Server


Payment gateways








Adobe Creative Cloud

Big-Data BI

Power BI

ELK Stack

Apache Cassandra + Spark





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