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Pavasal implements software approved by the Tax Agency for the digitalisation of invoice reception and validation in the cloud, saving time and money thanks to the greater efficiency of the process.

Client: Pavasal

Pavasal is a Valencian family business with more than 70 years of experience in the construction and conservation of civil and industrial works. It currently leads a business group that also includes other companies specialising in construction and management, ranging from public, residential and industrial building to integrated water cycle management and urban mobility.

Pavasal develops, together with Cuatroochenta, Invoice System: the specialised software for the digitalisation of the invoice reception and validation process in the cloud.

Project date January 2018.



  1. Solve the inefficiency in the management, digitalisation and validation of invoices in the administrative department.
  2. The Administration is increasingly requesting information from companies in shorter periods of time, which makes traditional means obsolete.


Cuatroochenta developed for Pavasal a software approved by the Spanish State Agency of Tax Administration (AEAT) and 100% adapted to the needs of the organisation, called Invoice System. Thanks to the fact that the tool is recognised by the tax authorities, Pavasal does not need to physically store invoices.

Instead, all the information is stored in the cloud, so it can be accessed from anywhere. Furthermore, as it is in the cloud, it protects the data from irrecoverable losses due to natural disasters, theft or accidents in the offices.

Commercialisation of Invoice System to third parties  

Proof of the success of the project, Pavasal and Cuatroochenta have joined forces to offer the solution to third parties under the name of Invoice System.

Invoice System is a digitisation software certified by the AEAT, which complies with article 7 of the order eha/962/2007, which establishes the requirements of the digitisation process to be valid against the tax administration and allows the taxpayer to dispense with paper.

Uploading invoices is simple and quick. It can be done by scanning invoices and printed documents, i.e. invoices can be scanned and uploaded directly into the Invoice System or suppliers can be asked to upload the invoice directly into the portal and thus avoid having to print invoices.

Invoiceystemdesktopmockup 1 scaled
“Management that used to take weeks can now be done in a matter of days”
Ana Ribera, transformation department of Pavasal


Pavasal has implemented the tool in a pilot phase in 15 companies of the group, involving 3 suppliers, 120 users and more than 4500 invoices validated in the portal.



The implementation of Invoice System is saving time and money for Pavasal, a reference construction company in the Valencian Community. A tool that was initially developed by Cuatroochenta as an ad hoc solution, but which has become a marketable software for third parties.

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