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Cuatroochenta develops for FoodRation4All the app Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria (No One Without Their Daily Ration) for the digitalisation of food donation with a traceability system through blockchain.

Putting technology at the service of solidarity, Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria, an app developed by Cuatroochenta for FoodRation4All with the support of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL), digitalises the traditional system of donations. A response to the economic and social crisis generated by COVID-19 and the paralysis of food collection campaigns that has managed to change the concept of donations.

Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria is agile and intuitive, as its operation is very similar to that of a shopping app. Donations can be made in two ways: from the supermarket by reading the QR codes that can be found in the establishment itself; or remotely, either by selecting the products in the app's virtual catalogue or by making a donation for a specific amount, which generates an automatic cart. All donations can be made through a secure payment gateway with the card number, by bank transfer or Bizum.

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Each user of the app can track the status of their donation thanks to a blockchain platform designed by AddaptaTrace for Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria. In addition, once the contribution has been made, the app also allows the user to download the individual donation tax certificate for income tax relief.

The donations reach the food banks in full and are converted into financial contributions of the representative values of the selected products and foods through wallet cards that are distributed to the beneficiaries of the food banks and social distribution entities: "Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria is available to all people who voluntarily want to make a digital donation of food, allowing all Food Banks in Spain to promote it to collect donations", explains Kilian Zaragozá, CEO and co-founder of FoodRation4All.

Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria allows users of the app to track their donations thanks to the incorporation of a blockchain system.

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*Results updated on 25/10/2021. More info on the Transparency Portal of Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria..

Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria helps reduce the logistics of the current food bank system and product waste and breaks the seasonality of donations and collection campaigns. With the app it is possible to donate at any time and from anywhere, with no minimum or maximum amounts.

The new features include the possibility of scheduling regular contributions and making donations by paying with a physical card on those devices that incorporate a dataphone (Mini Totems).

Following the traditional model of food collection campaigns, totems have been installed in supermarkets and establishments collaborating with Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria so that people can collaborate and make their donations on the spot and without having to install the app on their mobile phone. Both the app and the totems share the same backend, developed by Cuatroochenta.

The project, which began in August 2020 with a pilot test with the Food Bank of Castellón and Consum Supermarkets, has already been implemented in other establishments of El Corte Inglés, Mercadona, Carrefour, BonÁrea, Alcampo... in Castelló, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Córdoba and Zaragoza with the aim of replicating the model in more cities.

Features of the Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria app

Remote donations by selecting products from the app's own virtual catalogue or by entering a specific amount.

Donations from the supermarket by reading QR codes.

Scheduling of regular donations: weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Secure payment method: card (with the possibility of registering it in the app's payment system), transfer or Bizum.

Control of the traceability of donations through blockchain.

Download of the tax certificate of donations.

Access to the history of donations through a personal profile.

Impact calculator: possibility of calculating the social and environmental impact of each donation.

CSR challenges section proposed by the project's collaborating companies and partners.

"It is very positive for the project to work with Cuatroochenta. To date, it is the main developer of the core of the Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria system and wherever we show the app, everyone congratulates us for the professionalism and perfection of the result"

Kilian Zaragozá (CEO FoodRation4All)