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Sustainability concerns and digitalisation will shape the direction of the industry in the coming years, according to a recent report by real estate innovation platform Innomads. Technology offers strategic solutions for companies that want to reduce costs and improve productivity in the management and maintenance of properties and services.

Technology is part of our daily lives and as buildings and services started to go digital, Facility Management (FM) became a key player in changing the way we relate to that environment. Optimising the maintenance, conservation and durability of facilities in organisations is its main objective. It is an increasingly important sector. This is reflected in the data: according to McKinsey&Company estimates, it will be worth 1.9 trillion dollars worldwide in 2024, 6% more than in 2018. But what challenges, opportunities and threats does it face?

Companies are increasingly moving towards FM outsourcing

Global market perspective (internal and external spending on FM)

Source: Frost & Sullivan: GlobalFM analysis 2018; McKinsey

Concern for sustainability, ease of access to housing, the transformation brought about by the pandemic in any type of space, the industrialisation and automation of processes, the breaking down of silos between building sectors and the digitisation of the sector itself are the six major challenges with the greatest potential impact for FM. These are identified in the report Challenges, Trends and Opportunities in the Facility Management sector, prepared by Innomads and presented in June 2021 at the TechEstate conference, the new platform of Barcelona Building Construmat. Focusing on sustainability and digitalisation opportunities, the report identifies the 8 main trends and strategic opportunities for the evolution of the coming years.

7 Automation of indicator control

Digitalisation projects bring with them enormous opportunities to make the operating models of facility providers more efficient. In addition to the advantages of digital transformation in the management of building maintenance and services, there is also the control of the indicators stipulated in the agreements with suppliers. Controls that can also be automated. A clear example of this is the Facilities Management transformation process carried out at RTVE with 300,000 m2 in 592 buildings throughout Spain and some 45,000 inventory elements.

«One of the main barriers to the digitisation of Facility Management processes is the lack of digital transformation know-how in companies»

Alexandre Santacana, Business Analyst at FAMA and participant in the Innomads study.

Technology is the main ally of Facility Management to optimise and reduce costs in the management and maintenance of buildings and services. The commitment to achieve true digitisation must be based on comprehensive, intuitive and user-friendly solutions.

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