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FAMA offers Tendam’s (formerly Grupo Cortefiel) maintenance department a tool designed to enhance the efficiency of day-to-day operations in handling notifications for its approximately 830 retail locations in Spain and Mexico.

The client: Tendam Global Fashion Retail Group

Tendam stands out as one of Europe's prominent fashion companies within the specialty chain sector. Established in Madrid in 1880, the company has a global presence in 80 countries with 1,836 outlets. The transition from the former Grupo Cortefiel to its current name, Tendam, occurred on April 17, 2018.

Presently, Tendam boasts a diverse portfolio of brands, including Women'secret, Springfield, Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Hoss Intropia, Slowlove, High Spirits, Dash and Stars, and OOTO. Additionally, the company manages the Fifty Outlet stores and collaborates with over 125 third-party brands through its multi-brand platforms. To facilitate its operations, Tendam has established international buying offices in Spain, Hong Kong, and India. The distribution network is centralized in the logistics platform in Madrid, complemented by another facility in Hong Kong. These centers efficiently supply both owned stores and franchises worldwide.

The Maintenance department at Tendam faced the challenge of consolidating all maintenance-related notifications for its dispersed points of sale into a unified system. Initially focused on locations in Spain and later extending to those in Mexico, this initiative followed the success of the project in Spain. The goal was to streamline the dispatch of notifications to the respective Facility Services providers.

Previously, Tendam relied on a tool provided by its Facility Services (FS) provider, resulting in a cumbersome workload for the Maintenance Department. Moreover, there was a significant risk of data loss during the transition to a new FS provider. Given these challenges, Tendam recognized the necessity of implementing appropriate technology to enhance maintenance notification management processes, ensuring better control and optimization.

The solution

In response to the identified needs, the decision was made to implement the comprehensive Facility Management tool, FAMA AFM, in its cloud computing mode (Software as a Service), based on the following modules:

Point of Sale Inventory

Report generation

Document management

Corrective maintenance

Supplier channel

Request channel

Business process management

Web portal and communication channel

«The FAMA AFM Technology Platform has provided Tendam with a unified channel for comprehensive corrective maintenance management, streamlining notifications for almost 800 stores and subsequent management by Facilities Services providers. Additionally, it gave us the crucial advantage of integrating subsequent data analysis into a single platform, essential for a Maintenance Department handling such a large volume of management processes»

Javier Mateo Matas, Head of Maintenance and Facilities at TENDAM Spain


Streamlining the traceability and registration of notifications through centralized channels.

Engagement of all stakeholders in a unified flow for corrective maintenance notification management, from creation and manager authorization to resolution by Facility Services companies.

Implementation of a consistent logic for distribution based on geographical location for manager reception and categorization of notifications from various points of sale.

Enhanced agility in comprehensive alert management and improved awareness for stores in information processing.

Facilitation of cost distribution associated with alert resolution at each point of sale, region, province, store chain, etc.

Efficient approval process by Area and Store Managers for budgets issued by external Facility Services providers, leveraging FAMA's workflow creation functionality for processes linked to budget-related alerts.

Recording of corrective maintenance operations conducted in TENDAM's stores (Spain and Mexico) since system implementation, implemented by a total of 23 external suppliers to TENDAM.

Establishment of a consolidated inventory repository covering the entire network of points of sale nationwide.

Efficient monitoring of compliance with service level agreements (SLA) thanks to a range of functions enabling the marking and measurement of activity indicators for Facility Services providers.

Real-time insight into the level of compliance with management processes within the system through benchmarking between stores, provinces, Autonomous Communities, and Facility Services providers.

Creation of dashboards providing the Facility Management Department with enhanced control and agility in decision-making.

TENDAM has devised a procedure with external suppliers for approving works execution based on specific economic thresholds. Through the BPM (Business Process Management) module, an associated workflow for this procedure has been automated, sending information to TENDAM's managers for swift budget review.


An average of 1,078 requests for budget authorizations are handled annually within the system.

«FAMA has empowered Tendam to conduct comprehensive management, control, and to set up a central register of incidents, as well as requests for various services to suppliers. It truly serves as a solution by consolidating everything on the same platform, particularly for subsequent data analysis and historical data»

Sandra Hernández, Purchasing Department, TENDAM Mexico

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