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The Fundació Privada Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau has selected FAMA’s solution for the automated integrated management of its Art Nouveau Site, a historically significant space in Barcelona with various public uses. The solution includes a corporate platform designed to streamline communication with the site’s users.

The client: Fundació Privada Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

The Fundació Privada Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, operating under its "Program for Social Action and Research," undertakes significant charitable and welfare initiatives. In addition, it is entrusted with the upkeep and enhancement of the hospital facilities, with a particular focus on preserving and enhancing the heritage of this Art Nouveau site. This edifice, a masterpiece by architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, holds immense historical and artistic value, was acknowledged as a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1978 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

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Starting point

The Foundation initiated a public tender to identify the optimal technological solution for the comprehensive management of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. This site spans approximately 20,800 m² of built-up space and encompasses 25,000 m² of gardens. Comprising 15 pavilions interconnected by underground galleries, the site hosts a diverse range of functions, making it a prominent space in Barcelona where history and innovation coexist in complete harmony.

FAMA’s challenge

The newly implemented system needed to accommodate a diverse range of functions, including the capacity to support the continuous hosting of events across various areas of the venue. It was also expected to facilitate the management of different pavilions, covering services, rooms, spaces, zoning of the 15 buildings, operations and maintenance (O&M), customer service center (web portal), incident and problem management, service requests, suppliers, property management, security, and utilities.

Seamless integration with existing systems was a key requirement to establish a truly corporate solution.

Solution and achievements:

The selected solution for this unique challenge was FAMA AFM, due to its capability to adapt to the particular character of a given space and the diversity of activities within this distinctive activity center comprising century-old buildings.

In addition, FAMA managed a range of functions required for the smooth running of the Foundation, including:

Security management

Service management

Asset Management

Property management

Utility management

Supplier management

Space management

Maintenance management

Compatible with ERP (SAP). Integration with BMS, CMMS, Info. Graphic and Document Management

«With FAMA AFM, we have gained a genuine technological ally for the comprehensive management of the intricate facilities at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, given its historical character and the diverse and frequent uses of the spaces within the site. Furthermore, the portal has provided us with a corporate platform that significantly streamlines communication with users of all kinds»

Agustí Grau, Director of General Services of the Fundació Privada Hospital de Sant Pau i Santa Creu