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Facility Management experts delve into the role of technology in the management and maintenance of infrastructures at the conference “The importance of data in the management of public administration buildings,” organized by the Catalan Facility Management Association (ACFM) and FAMA at the Recinte Modernista Sant Pau in Barcelona.

«Facility management must be underpinned by intelligent, integrated and flexible digital platforms»

Lluís Dalmau, Head of the Implementation Area of Real Estate Management and Support Services of the Government of Catalonia

«Data is important to improve and optimize processes and technology is key to be more efficient»

Agustí Grau, Director of General Services Fundació Privada Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Creu i Recinte Modernista

«Sustainability is a challenge for companies due to a social, legal, and economic requirement. There are solutions that make it possible to obtain indicators to correct or improve ratios»

Santiago Gimeno, Cuatroochenta's Managing Partner

«Organizations must take advantage, hand in hand with public-private partnerships, of the many funding opportunities to drive digitalization and green transition projects»

César Bonilla, Public Sector Leader Fi Group

Inventory: the cornerstone for managing infrastructure

What do we have inside a building? Where do we have it located? What type is it? What surface area does it occupy? What users use it? What investments have we made? What is the expense for insurance, water, electricity, maintenance, or cleaning? These are some of the questions that the inventory must answer. “It is essential to have a real and updated inventory to guarantee good maintenance,” highlighted another of the speakers of the day, the director of General Services of the Fundació Privada Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Creu i Recinte Modernista, Agustí Grau. He knows it well because he is in charge of managing a historic space with 12 buildings, more than 22,000 square meters built, and 350 meters of underground galleries.

The management of properties and infrastructure must be supported by comprehensive, flexible and intelligent digital platforms.

For infrastructure managers, solutions aiding the digitalization of property and facility management must incorporate flexibility and integration. Ángela García, the General Manager of FAMA at Cuatroochenta, emphasizes that "technology is the main axis on which all information related to assets must rest."Furthermore, this technology must be "simple, intuitive, and flexible" to enable communication on a unified platform among managers, users, and maintainers or facility services of a building. "It is the way to close the circle and have a 360º vision."

Jornada 'La importància de la dada en la gestió d'edificis de l'Administració Pública'

Digitalization plays a key role in optimizing building management and maintenance. Comprehensive solutions for managing assets and infrastructure exist, enabling organizations to be more operational and strategic.