About Cuatroochenta

Cuatroochenta is a technology company specialised in developing and implementing digital cloud solutions to meet the challenges and objectives of its clients located in Europe and Latin America. Our company, which started as an app development company, has become a solvent technological partner undertaking digital transformations with the most powerful management and cybersecurity solutions. This omnichannel service can be tailored to the needs of each organisation in order to improve their performance; since the company’s creation in 2011, our philosophy has always been to put technology at the service of people.

Cuatroochenta’s services are characterised by providing high added value due to the specialisation, strong team involvement, and real collaboration with the client, which is based on business vision, high standards of technical and design skill, reliability and experience. Among our most outstanding results, we can highlight the improvement of sales via online channels, process optimisation, cost reductions and efficiency development in several industries, including: mobility, health, facility services, retail, real estate, banking, industrial, tourism, and communication.

Our services and manner of working have greatly connected with all kinds of organisations, large and small, but especially with family businesses, due to the closeness and empathy of our young interdisciplinary staff, made up of 91 employees across multiple offices. Headquartered in the Espaitec Technology and Business Park of the University Jaume I of Castelló (Spain), Cuatroochenta has operational headquarters in Burgos, Madrid, Milan, Panama, Bogotá and Santo Domingo, and offers its services in 14 countries.


Own developments (CheckingPlan, Geombo, Sefici) and implementation of third-party solutions, under the SAAS (software as a service) model, both omnichannel and in the cloud.


Specialised development of software, apps and ad hoc web platforms, participation in external projects (revenue share), UX/UI design and technology consulting.


Darktrace Platinum Partner and Crowdstrike implementation specialists, with artificial intelligence application and 24/7 monitoring through the Sofistic Security Operations Center (SOC).

R&D: Constant analysis of available technology

AI, big data, blockchain, bots, machine learning… The R&D department evaluates trends and new technologies to identify their true potential for customers.

User experience (UI/UX)

All Cuatroochenta’s projects take into account the context in which they will be deployed, especially in relation to the users who interact with applications and solutions. Cuatroochenta is always looking for effective implementations based on intuitive and friendly user experiences, regardless of whether the platform is for external use (clients, collaborators, the general public) or internal use (employees and collaborators).


Developments and cloud solutions – the company culture itself is cloud native.


All knowledge is focused on process optimisation with a clear focus on results.

Business Analysis

Cuatroochenta relies on a team specialised in translating business objectives into technological solutions, with advisers fluent in the same terminology as directors of operations, as well as marketing, business development, production, sales… All team members undertake a detailed requirements analysis, thus guaranteeing certainty in the development of projects and aligning solutions with customer expectations.


Cuatroochenta works from a perspective of interoperability between systems. As we are familiar with the integration between applications and services, if required, our implementations can be made accessible for solutions developed by third parties. APIs are developed to allow clients to evolve their businesses thanks to new collaboration models.


The projects managed by Cuatroochenta can optimally and gradually be utilised by just a few people, up to millions of users.


Cuatroochenta has its own cybersecurity firm, Sofistic, a leader in critical sectors such as banking and infrastructure, which guarantees work is completed to the best standards.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement as a means to increase competitiveness: we constantly investigate how we operate to look for opportunities and areas for improvement


A transparent company means a reliable company: transparency, both internal and external, enables the development of the company and employees’ interests and motivations

Customer experience

Our goal is to provide satisfaction to the customers around us, ensuring they remember us and will convey positive messages about our organisation

Cuatroochenta team before Espaitec II, which is located at the head office in Castelló, Spain (June 2019).