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The technology company launches ‘Beware of Hidden Macros’, its new branded podcast on technology for business. It will be available on all major platforms from 7 September.

Cuidado con las macros ocultas is a branded podcast in Spanish that was created with the aim of getting to know and understand how technologies can optimise and make a business profitable. It aims to be a monthly event with leading experts, researchers and professionals who, in an entertaining and approachable way, explain how technologies can make life easier for companies and, as a result, for people.

Cuatroochenta's podcast aims to focus on the opportunities and benefits of different technologies, but also on the challenges and threats.

The technology company Cuatroochenta is committed to the branded podcast format as a technology dissemination channel to explain the impact of different technological trends on organisations. The Covid-19 crisis has caused audio consumption to take off around the world. One in four people now listens to podcasts and a good number of them admit to having started doing so due to the pandemic.

The first episode will be available from 7 September on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, iVoox and Youtube.

Bringing audio and technology together in a single project


Explaining stories



AI, retail technology and cybersecurity, protagonists of the first episodes

In which functions or applications of a business can artificial intelligence be integrated? How can retail achieve an extension of ecommerce in the physical shop? How does an organisation act in the face of a ransomware attack? These are some of the questions that the podcast's macro control guests will try to answer. A programme presented, produced, scripted, designed and edited by the Cuatroochenta team and recorded at the Communication Sciences Laboratory (Labcom) of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in Castelló. In addition, the veteran dubbing actor, José María del Río, has been in charge of voicing the podcast. Del Río has been the voice, among many others, of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty and narrator of multiple nature documentaries on RTVE 2 and the children's series Pocoyó.

“Cuidado con las macros ocultas” s a phrase repeated in the cult sci-fi film Tron (1982), which is like saying "be cautious" or "watch your surroundings".

Aware of the impact of technology on society, Cuatroochenta continues to build its own ecosystem of innovation and knowledge transfer. In addition to the podcast project there are other initiatives such as the recent Chair of Artificial Intelligence, Health and Wellbeing that it is promoting together with the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) of Castelló to promote teaching, research and the dissemination of knowledge about technology at the service of the elderly or the travelling cycle of informative talks #EnModoAvión about the impact of technology on society.

Cuidado con las macros ocultas wants to know and understand the technologies that help us to bridge the gap between what we do and what we are capable of doing.

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