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Facility Management  ·  FAMA

FAMA is positioned as the key solution to materialise the cultural change and the integral transformation of facilities management in the Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española through the GIDISA project.

The client: Corporación RTVE

Corporación de Radio Televisión Española (CRTVE) is a Spanish state-owned media company. It currently has 279 headquarters, representing a total of approximately 300,000 m2 distributed in 592 buildings throughout the country. It has 6,500 employees, 1,500 contracts and approximately 45,000 items of inventory.

CRTVE did not have a comprehensive model for the management of real estate and non-real estate assets (patrimony) and general services, being managed with processes and workflows in isolation (personalised) and without any kind of interrelation between processes or between departments. There was no traceability or recording of incidents; the most common channels were telephone, email; and knowledge resided more in people and less in records.

The organisation of the Directorate of Assets and General Services began through the buildings and services management project (GIDISA), in a process of transformation from the traditional focus on maintenance and resolution of the operational conditions of the buildings from a technical-architectural perspective, to a focus on services to headquarters and production processes (strategic vision of the real estate assets, need for asset and internal resource management and the need to introduce a comprehensive Facility Management tool)..


The biggest challenge was to act as a technological ally in a project of such magnitude, offering a management and information tool that would meet all their needs and support the cultural change involved in the entire Facilities management transformation process at the RTVE Corporation.

RTVE had to be provided with scalable and flexible software, accessible via website and app, and adapted to its needs, in such a way that a single tool would allow it to manage and know the status of execution of each and every one of the activities and services linked to the needs of the Corporation's buildings.

The new software also had to ensure integration with corporate systems: SAP, Portal, etc.

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Incorporate the comprehensive Facility Management tool, FAMA AFM, in the cloud computing SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, which frees the organisation from the responsibilities of installing and maintaining the software and ensures compliance with the Data Protection Act and data security.

"Within our project of integral management of properties and associated services, with challenges of such magnitude as people and the cultural change involved, as well as the large volume of properties to manage, finding the right management tool has been a key factor to materialise our whole process of change and future evolution".

Mr. José Luis Muñiz Viejo (Director of Services to Headquarters and Production Processes of RTVE)


01. Centralisation in a single application of all the databases and files involved in property management.

02. Integration with corporate systems: SAP, Corporate Intranet and HR to work with the same catalogue.

03.Knowledge of the distribution of the costs associated with each property, either of its own management or of its construction and maintenance.

04. Geolocation of RTVE centres..

05. Paperless and telephone-free office. Quick hierarchical information on each request.

06. Standardisation of information..

07. Optimisation of space management:

    • centralised space management
    • single database with consolidated graphical information
    • unified plans available to the Corporation

08. The system provides managers with information on: distribution of people and cost centres, uses of areas, distribution of surface areas, distribution of m2 per cost centre and person, built surface area per floor.

09. Optimisation in the management of service requests from any RTVE employee, with full integration with the corporate intranet, and with complete traceability from the creation to the resolution of the request.

10. Work reports, analytics, etc., all accessible to the corporation.

11. Possibility of linking the documents with the information to be managed: registry data, cadastral data, rights, contracts, etc.

12. Optimisation of asset monitoring from a corrective and preventive point of view.

13. Possibility of more exhaustive and timely monitoring of incidents through the different alerts defined.

14. Incident reports by centre, supplier response times, and management of the stock of materials for maintenance work.

15. Registration of the needs of the areas. Prioritisation and planning of works or projects.

16. Flow functionalities for the creation of process workflows with documentation attached to each phase. Project dates and milestones for productivity analysis.

17. Use of app for real-time management of maintenance and service work orders.

18. Categorised and homogeneous reception of service requests.

19. Measurement of the service level agreement (SLA) through KPIs and linkage with a "fixed" + variable payment model in the integral maintenance contract, depending on the completion of work with compliance and within the established timeframe.

In short, FAMA has been a key solution to materialise the cultural change in the working procedures of the RTVE Corporation, achieving complete integration with corporate systems and full traceability from the request for a service to its resolution.

High capacity to measure each SLA through KPIs and link it to the fixed + variable payment model in the integral maintenance contract.

"In FAMA we have found the technological ally with which to travel the curves of a project of this dimension, as well as a management and information platform that offers a response to all our needs and cultural change. Without a doubt, the FAMA solution is the tool that has managed to channel all our problems, all our peculiarities and all our personality".

Mr. José Luis Muñiz Viejo (Director of the Headquarters and Production Processes Services Area of RTVE)