Be Cuatroochenter

NLKMedia is the name of the R&D cooperation project co-financed by the ERDF Fund 2007-2013. Cuatroochenta participates providing its expertise in developing mobile applications (apps) for both Android and iOS, and it does on collaboration with Nerlaska and Arcatium Studios.

The project is based on the realization of an industrial research to boost the video game industry. Firstly, it is based on the training of actual and future companies, but also on facilitating and involving sectors such as online marketing or software development.

Nerlaska Studios S.L. -coordinator of the consortium and with an established trajectory in the videogame development- has created a tool (NLKGames Engine) to facilitate and optimize the activity. Based on this technological knowledge the goal is to investigate the characteristics that can turn a tool for internal and functional use in a technological platform for the launch of the sector, capable of being transferred and/or exported to other companies.

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