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Cuatroochenta launches web and brand to strengthen its position as a technological company in Europe and Latin America, maintaining the app development as the axis and opening the focus to the digital transformation consulting. On the horizon, the MaB.

A change of draught in the layout to consolidate a content change which has continue crystallizing during last year in the company. Cuatroochenta releases brand and website to relaunch its position as a leading company in Business Performance Techs (BPTechs), technologies aimed at improving results in organizations, with a focus on the development of apps and digital transformation and implementation and trajectory in Europe and Latin America.

The extension of the Mission of Cuatroochenta comes hand in hand with other internal, organizational and corporate changes, in order to further professionalize management and processes at all levels to improve the results. And, thus, to meet the forecast of increased private funding in the short term with the release to the Alternative Stock Market (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil or MaB) with the momentum of the program Premarket Environment.

The vision and the values with which the company was born in 2011, and on which we have built our growth to the extent of opening its own office in five countries (Italy, Colombia, Panama and Argentina, as well as Madrid) with a team of more than 60 people, are intact: become as involved as possible with our partners and customers to put technology at the service of the well-being of the people.

The design of the new Cuatroochenta brand has been a team work of the UX UI department led by Arancha Martínez, contributing its experience in interfaces and usability, with the collaboration of Daniel Zomeño, art director and creative experience in the BBDO and Villar-Rosàs agencies, where he worked for brands such as Nike, Bayer or Estrella Damm (including a campaign of Mediterraniamente) and garnered awards at leading advertising festivals such as Cannes or El Sol. All this in a coordinated manner with the area of communication and the management of the company.

Another great advance of Cuatroochenta is the website you're browsing, with a content renewal, expansion and reorganization, with Gerard James in charge of the architecture and programming and the Department of Marketing and Communication giving shape to the content and SEO positioning. The goal is to become not only the best card of presentation of our products and services, but also a reference channel on technologies applied to performance improvement, specialized in app and web development and digital transformation. The main novelty, in addition to the design, is the production of audiovisual contents with the collaboration of Micrea.

Cuatroochenta, ultimately, renews its appearance to show itself as it really is and wants to be.