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Cuatroochenta is recognised as an “excellent place to work” with the official Great Place to Work® certificate, awarded based on the results of an anonymous survey conducted on the team itself, which assesses credibility, trust, pride of belonging and companionship.

Trust, alignment, participation, transparency, closeness, recognition and camaraderie are the main characteristics that have made Cuatroochenta an “excellent place to work”, according to Great Place to Work®.

Being a company with Great Place to Work® certification not only confirms adherence to certain policies and meeting certain requirements, it is also a certificate granted based on the perceptions of the people employed in the company, as determined through an anonymous work environment survey conducted across five dimensions, as follows:

Being the backbone of Cuatroochenta, its workers – with their comments, opinions and references – have turned the company into a Great Place to Work®.

"Lo bueno de trabajar en Cuatroochenta, sobre todo, es el compañerismo. Hay una cultura de hacer las cosas bien, de mejorar y de aprender los unos de los otros, y esto te hace venir motivada e irte a casa sabiendo que has aprendido algo nuevo"

Ester Caballer. Desarrolladora iOS de Cuatroochenta.

Work at Cuatroochenta

Credibility, transparency and participation

Almost 90% of the people employed at Cuatroochenta feel that their managers are credible and treat them with respect, valuing their communication, competence and integrity highly. This credibility and trust is achieved by valuing transparency and participation through two six-monthly reports that make the company's situation known to the team and ensures fair treatment without favouritism or discrimination based on sex, age, race or religion or “differences at salary level, when promoting or benefits”, as Magui Costantino, Head of Administration, explains.

BeCuatroochenter: people who develop technology for people

The main characteristic of Cuatroochenta is its multidisciplinary team, with professional profiles that range from computer programming to marketing, through the business area, project management and planning, systems and cybersecurity, UX/UI design, administration, human resources and communication. The support, collaboration and care, both on the part of the heads of each department and among the colleagues themselves, means that the team structure is solid, moves towards the same course and forms part of a whole. That is, and as confirmed in the certification, the company is able to create pride both in the common project (the company) and one's own projects (the individual work of each person).

“For me, Cuatroochenta does not represent just another company, it is our company; it is a piece of us."

Magui Costantino, Chief Administrative Officer at Cuatroochenta.

“There is a very good work environment, so good that I would never leave this company.”

Jorge Naya, Quality Support Team at Cuatroochenta.

Cuatroochenta is also a Great Place to Work® due to the work being carried out with a clear commitment to the autonomy of each person, and consistently providing updated training plans from the outset of their employment.

In addition, the implementation of an internal recognition system among colleagues through the creation of their own currency (480Coins), the Pase480, internal talks to share R&D among colleagues, and participation in company publications, such as the manual for app launches, are all highly appreciated.

“There is a plan for each person. I am clear about my career at Cuatroochenta, which gives me peace of mind to work well and provide the best service to clients.”

Marc Sabater, Business Analyst at Cuatroochenta.

The implementation of a flexible schedule that allows the reconciliation of work life with personal and family life, and an open office divided into areas, without individual offices, with a layout that considers the people employed, crates a motivating environment and a safe and comfortable place to work. There is a common area with a fridge, coffee machine, seasonal fruit and an arcade machine; events are celebrated, such as Christmas lunch, a summer party, lunches and birthdays and activities outside the office, among other things; and the office has its own merchandising.

Cuatroochenta in the Cloud: remote working

The commitment to a work system and productivity tools in the cloud facilitates the option of working remotely for any employed person, with the company able to function as normal. In addition, in the case of Cuatroochenta, the implementation of teleworking from its foundation has notably helped the team to respond and adapt to situations such as those caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, maintaining a 100% performance at the company. All this contributes to a solid structure in which communication between teams prevails.

of staff highlight that they value ​​the balance between personal and professional life.
value ​​management showing interest in them as people and not just as workers.

The Great Place to Work® certification is not only a reflection of the Cuatroochenta work environment, but, through the results that have been obtained, it is possible to know how to work to continue generating an environment of trust, with collaboration between teams and people, to increase productivity, increase business, and attract talent.

“I don't know if Cuatroochenta is the best place in the world to work, but I do know that we all try every day. It is a medium and long-term requirement used as a strategy, meaning that life and family plans can be sustained by a stable job."

Alfredo R. Cebrían. CEO and Cofounder of Cuatroochenta