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Cuatroochenta is hosting the Facility Management and Services Best Practices Awards in Latin America to honor the sector’s most innovative projects. These awards will set the stage for the FACMAN Fair in Mexico, the region’s most significant event in the facility management sector.

The Facility Management (FM) and Facility Services (FS) market, dedicated to the comprehensive management of infrastructure and real estate assets for efficient operation, is gaining prominence in the global economy, particularly in Latin America. According to a recent study by Markets and Markets, this sector is expected to witness an annual growth rate of 13.8% until 2028, reaching a projected global value of US$94.8 billion.

In response to this increasing demand, technology is emerging as a crucial ally in streamlining and enhancing the management of various buildings and facilities. Advanced software solutions are now available, addressing the planning and coordination of human, financial, and operational resources to optimize services like cleaning, equipment maintenance, security, space management, energy, and waste management. Various sectors, including hospitals, large stadiums, retail chains, universities, and transportation and logistics companies, are integrating these comprehensive platforms to revolutionize their FM and FS management.

In Mexico, businesses incur losses ranging from 8 to 15% of their operating costs due to inefficiencies in real estate management. The optimal response to this challenge is digitalization, providing strategic and tangible solutions for organizations, be they public or private. Digitalization enables these entities to cut costs and enhance productivity in the management of real estate and services.

Recognition of best practices in FM and FS in Mexico.

With the goal of showcasing industry professionals and spotlighting the sector's activities in Mexico, Cuatroochenta, in collaboration with FAMA and CheckingPlan, has introduced the I Awards for Best Practices in Facility Management and Facility Services 2023. The awards encompass three categories: workspace management, asset management, and technological innovation.

A panel of judges, comprised of professionals and industry experts from Mexico and Spain, including Rocio Salinas, Director of Sourcing at Boehringer Ingelheim; Miguel Angel Magaña, Director of Real Estate Efficiency at Laboratorio El Chopo and professor at La Salle University; Angela Garcia, Director of the Facility Management platform FAMA; and Jose Maria de la Cerda, Director of the facility services platform CheckingPlan, will evaluate the submissions.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24, at the Hacienda de los Morales in Mexico City. The event will include a gala dinner attended by all of the finalists, and the winner of each category will be announced.

«Technology should not be imposed; it should be an enabler. Sometimes people attempt to enforce its use without considering other factors. That's why it's crucial to balance innovation with the ability of people and companies to adapt and incorporate it into their daily lives».

Ángela García, FAMA General Manager

«If companies invest in these types of platforms and management software, they can gain a real-time global view, optimizing and enhancing the efficiency of services and resources»

José María de la Cerda, CheckingPlan General Manager

Strengthening the commitment to internationalization

Cuatroochenta has extensive experience in FM and FS services. An example of this is the implementation of FAMA AFM in the 830 stores of the Tendam group (Women'secret, Springfield, Cortefiel, or Pedro del Hierro) in Spain and Mexico. Another showcase is the management of incidents related to the maintenance of the service stations of Alvic, a technological benchmark in the energy sector, with the CheckingPlan platform.
The Spanish company's participation in the FACMAN fair and the promotion of the awards reinforce its commitment to international expansion, with a presence in 24 countries. This technology company, with 280 employees and offices in six different countries, already has a strong presence in Latin America, especially in cybersecurity services through Sofistic in Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic, countries where it is a benchmark in the protection of the banking sector and critical infrastructures.

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