Be Cuatroochenter

Cuatroochenta, again on TV. The TV show “Ocupa’t“, focused on labor market and entrepreneurial initiatives, shows the work of Cuatroochenta.

Last October we were on Camara Abierta, another TV show, due to our participation on the iWeekend of Castellon. Now we appear on another TV show which highlights our work developing applications for music festivals.  The show was shot in our offices and it specifically shows the applications developed for Vinya Rock Festival and Arenal Sound Festival, which is now in its final stages. Tools that allow users to buy tickets from their cellular, consult the line up and even take customized photos.

As they explain on their website, the show seeks to highlight initiatives of entrepreneurs who have faced crisis, who have risked, found their way and even created jobs. The show also has many followers on social networks, with 5,500 fans on Facebook and 1,200 on Twitter. Thanks for thinking of Cuatroochenta.

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