Be Cuatroochenter

This Friday we dress for a ball to receive, with honors, the award in the category of science given annually by Castellon Cadena Ser Radio.

With these awards, which already are on their eight edition, Castellon Radio shows its recognition to companies and citizens who have contributed to the progress of Castellon province in different areas and social and economic sectors.

For us it is a pleasant surprise and a great compliment, while a strong incentive to continue working, as this same award was given in previous years to renowned scientists, researchers and institutions, such as Avelino Coma, Federico Garcia Moliner, Jose Querada or the Valencian Institute of Infertility (IVI).

We are proud to think this recognition comes from our applications being part of the daily habits of the citizens. But above all because our apps exist to try to make life easier for their users, providing them with the information they need wherever they are.

We hope to follow up this recognition, as our journey has just started. We also want our applications targeted to the province of Castellon to continue growing and be the first of a large list. We aspire, on one hand, to create apps which facilitate the work of businesses in many senses and, on the other hand, to create apps which provides citizens with all the information to get to know and enjoy our province.