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FIATC Seguros leverages FAMA to efficiently manage the general services of its diverse portfolio of over 50 multi-purpose properties across Spain, including offices and hospital facilities.

The client: FIATC Seguros

Since 1930, FIATC Seguros, the Federación Industrial de Autotransportes de Cataluña, has been a key player in the insurance industry. With 56 offices nationwide, a team of 1,400 professionals, 4,884 mediators, and over 517,789 clients, the company has made significant contributions to society, particularly in the fields of health and elderly care.

Managing a diverse portfolio of over 50 properties, ranging from offices to various spaces within a clinic, examination rooms, and residences for the elderly, FIATC Seguros faces unique challenges. Each property needs to be managed in its own specific way so it is versatile enough to be adapted to the needs if the various users. To address these needs and to accommodate the expected growth and evolution, FIATC went in search of a comprehensive tool.

The company initiated the project in September 2014, in search of a solution that could unite the diverse management variables and adapt to FIATC's evolving requirements. The goal was to optimize maintenance resources, a better implementation of quality standards, and provide a versatile platform for the insurer's dynamic operations.

The challenge:

Addressing the challenges faced by FIATC, the goal was to leverage technology in a more professional manner, maintenance resource optimization, and to respond to the increased demand for service provider compliance. This required the implementation of a centralized application for the management of the general services department, encompassing:

The management and monitoring of incidents involved handling contracts linked to the department's operations and ensuring efficient tracking of incidents.

Regarding the mobility tools (App) for subcontractors, the objective was to provide subcontracted Facility Services companies with a mobile application to guarantee the fulfillment of all work orders assigned to them.

An additional significant challenge was to develop a system with the flexibility to adapt to the diverse characteristics and nature of the properties under management. This adaptability was particularly crucial for hospital facilities like Clínica Diagonal, characterized by its complexity, including 80 single rooms, over 30 medical specialties, ICU, emergency service, oncology day hospital, outpatient clinics, imaging diagnosis area, surgical area, digestive endoscopy area, catering services, parking, and more.

«FAMA has enabled us to adapt and provide the right response to each type of user and facilities, considering their great diversity—from offices and consulting rooms to hospitals and residential centers—with the complexity and specific care and protection needs they require. Moreover, being a 'predictive' tool, it allows us to anticipate and avoid risks when a space is no longer in use due to the lack of specific maintenance»

Jesús Antonio Díaz (Director of Services, GRUPO FIATC)

In the case of residential centers for the elderly, the goal was to ensure that residents could enjoy their surroundings every day and at all times given their circumstances. The needs of facilities, services, and maintenance were very special, and the new solution had to help anticipate, plan, and protect the facilities and assets for the benefit of all users, whether they were patients, residents, companions, or employees.

The solution

The chosen solution was the comprehensive Facility Management tool, FAMA AFM in proprietary mode. The goal was to address various aspects in FIATC buildings (and group companies) by integrating the mobility tool FAMA APP OT+. This integration aimed to achieve greater agility in managing and controlling work until maintenance incidents and services performed had been satisfactory resolved by external service providers:

Integral management of real estate and infrastructure

Real estate and infrastructure inventory

Contract management

Document management

Integrated maintenance management

Comprehensive corrective and preventive maintenance management

Management of IT support services

Requests and incidents channel

App for incident management FIATC - external supplier

Material warehouse management

Inventory of facilities

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This is supported by a robust integrated document manager and numerous utilities, including the alarm manager and report generator. These components work together to make the solution more intelligent and versatile.

The results

Reducción costes

Fewer resources to manage tasks

Economy of scale:

  • "Maintenance partner" buying capacity
  • Critical mass to negotiate
  • Predictable consumption
  • Reduction of corrective maintenance
  • Improved performance of conductive maintenance oriented to energy efficiency
  • Improved sustainability and environmental management

Efficient processes:

  • Tenders with complete details of the activity
  • Inventory of installations, purchases and stock of consumables
  • Supplier management
  • Improvement of analysis and management processes
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses in buildings, facilities and critical processes

Updated and shared information:

  • Document management
  • Unique and proprietary database
  • Mobility application
  • Information shared with business areas
  • Identification of critical points to elaborate contingency plans
  • Activity maintenance and control during COVID pandemic
  • Ensuring conductive and regulatory maintenance during COVID pandemic
  • Possibility of teleworking by FM staff during COVID pandemic

This has resulted in a reduction of the criticality factor, whether with a Single or Multi-Supplier, as all historical data and activity scheduling are consolidated within the tool.

«Another notable aspect of FAMA is the increased profitability of maintenance contracts due to continuous activity control. During the COVID »pandemic, FAMA served as a crucial control tool and a key technological ally, ensuring the continuity of our operations»

Jesús Antonio Díaz (Director de Servicios GRUPO FIATC)

In summary, FIATC Seguros has achieved a 360º view of its activity and available resources through FAMA's 'SMART' tool. The tool has brought efficiency, quality, and profitability to the company, instilling reliability, trust, and security in its management.