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FAMA has become Endesa’s technological ally, responding to its needs of mechanisation and integrated management of Spaces (IWMS), Assets and General Services in a total of 124 offices with more than 10,000 jobs.

Client: Endesa

Endesa is the leading company in the Spanish electricity sector and the second largest operator in the Portuguese electricity market. It has close to 10,000 employees and serves more than 10 million customers. They are working to lead the technological transformation in which their sector is immersed and, to this end, they have a solid industrial position and the strength of belonging to the multinational group Enel since 2009.

The collaboration between Endesa and FAMA began in 1999, following the reorganisation of the company and the construction of its new headquarters in Ribera del Loira (Madrid) and continues to the present day.

Already at that time, the new headquarters (a total of 90,348 m2 of floor space) was created under the criteria of optimising energy consumption, a comfortable working environment and flexibility in the use of space, which have been maintained and developed over the years.

«Due to its activity and history, Endesa manages a large and varied portfolio of real estate throughout Spain and Portugal. FAMA solutions are allowing us to adapt this portfolio to the new business needs, facilitating the profound transformation plan that the company is carrying out.»

Sr. Mariano Alba, Head of Real Estate at Endesa.

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Initially and coinciding with its inauguration, the Space Management/Workplace Management (IWMS) and Property Management modules of the FAMA platform were implemented at Endesa's headquarters, becoming, over the years, the key tool for the comprehensive management of spaces throughout the life cycle of the building.

In its evolution, the IT system developed by FAMA in Endesa, called Loc@liza, manages, in addition to the main headquarters, a total of 124 offices with a total surface area of 376,000 m2 built, 7,451 people and 10,343 workstations installed in the offices.

During this period, Loc@liza has become the IT tool for the day-to-day management of Endesa's Assets and General Services areas, contributing to their automation and optimisation.

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It is a living system that has adapted to Endesa's needs over time, incorporating new functionalities and integrating with other company systems:

Automation of the management of IBI settlements for all Endesa properties.

Implementation of BPM (Business Process Management) processes.

Integration with SAP-HHRR to have updated information on workers for the allocation of jobs.

Geographic integration with Google Maps and corporate ArcGIS to visualise the location of ENDESA's different properties and the boundaries of the estates.

SMARTworking: Endesa has relied on the FAMA platform to develop its new forms of workstation management, where traditional fixed workstations coexist with the new "Open space" systems, teleworking, etc., as well as to have complete traceability of the occupation of workstations, based on the reservations made by workers, which is essential in the new reality brought about by COVID-19.

The project is currently in the process of implementing the BIM methodology for a three-dimensional and more evolved visualisation of the spaces, with the zoning and associated elements.

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«The reliability and versatility of the FAMA platform are undoubtedly very important elements for us and allow us to face any new challenge with the peace of mind and security of having a first class technological partner.»

Sr. Mariano Alba, Head of Real Estate at Endesa.