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The University of Jaén (UJA) enhances efficiency in resource utilization, processes, and services by seamlessly integrating maintenance, works, projects, and contract management through the FAMA platform.

The client: The University of Jaén

The University of Jaén, established as an autonomous institution in 1993, has been dedicated to fostering innovation and maintaining a commitment to quality in both its academic programs and infrastructure development. This dedication has led to increased teaching and research activities.

Historically, facility maintenance at the University of Jaén was managed through a database developed in Access. This database stored information on facilities, suppliers, preventive maintenance schedules, and recorded incidents. These incidents were reported through web forms, and notifications about their resolution were communicated via email.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive system, the University of Jaén sought to implement a solution that could manage maintenance entirely within a unified technological environment. The goal was to optimize resources, streamline processes, ensure effective incident tracking, and enhance overall facility management efficiency.

The challenge

The challenge at hand was to equip the Works, Maintenance, and Facilities Surveillance Service at the University of Jaén with a comprehensive information and maintenance management system. This system needed to cope with all aspects related to the maintenance of its diverse facilities, offering a holistic view of the associated processes. The scope  of the project was considerable. It covered  the Lagunillas Campus in Jaén with its 21 buildings, the Linares Scientific and Technological Campus featuring 5 buildings, the centrally located Magisterio building in Jaén city, and the Geolit Scientific and Technological Park housing facilities dedicated to research.

A remarkable aspect of this undertaking was the need for swift implementation, especially for the Corrective Maintenance module, which had to be fully operational within a short timeframe from the project's initiation.

Additionally, the system had to seamlessly integrate via API with the existing authentication tool (SIDUJA) at the University of Jaén. This integration facilitated access for its users (PDI and PAS) to the Intranet services and streamlined entry into the maintenance management system.

The solution:

Given the modular nature of the product, specific modules were selected from three functional areas of the solution: Buildings and Works, Space Management, and Maintenance and General Services Management. This was implemented into a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud computing mode, Giving the University a competitive edge over its competitors.

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The results:

The new information system at the University of Jaén now offers several new advantages:

«Thanks to the comprehensive Facility Management solution, FAMA AFM, we have managed to integrate the management of maintenance, works and projects and the monitoring of contracts in a single, very intuitive platform; managing to optimize resources and processes and improve the services we provide»

Mr. Antonio Aceituno Azaustre (Head of Facilities Maintenance and Surveillance Service)