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Commercial aviation trusts Sofistic to manage its cybersecurity and achieves 80% cost savings on vulnerability management through advanced tools such as AI.

The client: Viva Airlines

In recent years, the aviation sector is one of the sectors that has worked the hardest to protect against cyber threats, as these are infrastructures considered critical worldwide. Cyber-attacks such as those suffered by EasyJet in 2020 or Air India in 2021 highlight the importance of protecting the sector internationally.

Viva is the leading low-cost airline in Colombia. It operates 44 domestic routes, five in Peru, and 10 routes to the United States, Mexico and Punta Cana. In its 9-year history it has transported more than 31 million passengers and in 2021 it made Medellín its official HUB for its domestic and international operations. Recognized for its proven biosecurity protocols, punctuality and for having one of the most modern fleets in Latin America with 20 Airbus 320 aircraft, Viva continues its path of expansion by introducing low-cost air travel wherever it operates.

Thanks to its expansion and growth, and together with the new group work philosophy with open space offices, there is a need to extend the security of endpoints outside the network perimeter, regardless of the location of the users. Thus, Viva looks after your cybersecurity and safeguards your information.


Viva is in the process of growing and expanding its fleet, with the goal of opening 15 new international destinations in less than 3 years. In parallel, adapting to market changes and in response to this growth, the airline has joined efforts to support teleworking, in addition to reorganizing its offices following the concept of open space, trusting in cybersecurity and taking endpoints outside the network perimeter. It was therefore necessary for all devices to have the same level of security, regardless of where they are located.

«We posed this challenge to Sofistic with our days numbered. We had decided that our office in Medellin would be located in a co-working space, so we needed to secure the endpoints outside the network perimeter so that the devices would provide the same level of security regardless of where they were located»

Fabián Ramos - Vice President of Technology at Viva.


Ensured 100% compliance with browsing control on more than 400 devices.


Savings of 80% on the cost of vulnerability management.


Visibility of the existing security level in third-party cloud solutions to avoid unauthorized connections and prevent information leaks.

«We now have employees working from different cities and countries with the security guarantees we required»

Fabián Ramos – Vice President of Technology at Viva Air.