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The client: Financial sector

The current security situation in the financial sector requires a higher degree of protection to prevent not only cyber-attacks, but also banking fraud, phishing and possible vulnerabilities that could jeopardise the systems and information managed by these companies.

Sofistic has about a hundred international financial sector customers, mainly in Latin America, with whom it has implemented a variety of solutions for comprehensive business protection.

Sofistic methodology

Differential value: We detect and identify vulnerabilities from different perspectives, achieving greater visibility than our competitors. Combining our experience, automation and artificial intelligence support, we help in the mitigation by finding more effective, agile, cost-effective solutions, and with less impact on the bank's operations.

Strategic investment: the cost is lower than the return on investment, our preventive services greatly mitigate the risks faced by the bank.



of the monitored clients, incidents with 100% compliance with the defined ANS have been identified - Example: compromised email accounts at different levels.


of customers in the sector are recurring, they are particularly satisfied with the results as they complete the cyber security solutions implemented year after year.

Future actions

Due to the wide variability of attacks and the technological evolution of the latest attacks (offensive artificial intelligence), the sector plans to continue deepening research and the application of new multilevel protection systems with the help of Sofistic, Cuatroochenta's cybersecurity unit.