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Cybersecurity  ·  Darktrace  ·  Machine learning

Opain, the concession manager of Bogota’s El Dorado airport (the 2nd busiest airport in South America), relies on Sofistic to centralise cybersecurity, achieving complete visibility of threats and a 98% reduction in incidents.

El cliente: Opain

Opain, S.A. is the managing company of El Dorado International Airport, the largest airport in Colombia and recognized as the best airport in South America, it is the busiest airport in the region and the second busiest in Latin America with more than 35.5 million passengers per year, 41 domestic and 45 international destinations.

In Colombia, the airport is managed by a private company, and the State is responsible for flight management and runway maintenance.

El Dorado International Airport is the first airport in the Americas to receive five stars from the British firm Skytrax, which specialises in the quality of international air transport.

Start of the project: 2018


The airport is considered a critical infrastructure due to its strategic importance, since, being an essential service, its interruption could prevent the normal functioning of society; therefore, a loss of service or data theft at the airport would not only affect the airport, but could also affect those who depend on it, such as travellers, flights or operators, through its systems.

Therefore, the airport requires more thorough cybersecurity measures capable of detecting and curbing possible cyber-attacks.

El Dorado International Airport previously had cybersecurity tools such as antivirus, firewall, etc., but Sofistic assumed the following objectives to be met:

Centralisation and increase of cyber security.

Obtaining complete real-time visibility of threats and classification through artificial intelligence to simplify management.

Attention to critical incidents in less than 2 hours.

Adaptation to teleworking in a secure way.



This tool monitors the network of all airport systems, from laptop connections to airport systems including flight information screens, microphones, gates and cameras, among others. Furthermore, through Artificial Intelligence, a large amount of data is analysed together and threats are detected and prioritised, so that in addition to obtaining visibility of the entire network, incident management is simplified.


This solution replaces and outperforms conventional signature-based antivirus to protect devices. In addition to comparing virus signatures against an existing database, it also uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse all behaviours to detect suspicious actions, allowing it to detect never-before-seen malware that a traditional antivirus would not be able to detect.

Microsoft 365 Advanced Support

The configuration of M365 is reinforced by obtaining more visibility of the platform, alerts and identification of incidents. Protecting information, guaranteeing identity management. Establishing a high standard of security adapted to the needs.

SOC 24/7

SOC 24/7 monitors alerts at all times and quickly mitigates potential threats before they pose a serious cyber security risk.


Reduction in the number of incidents

Life patterns monitored in the devices

The implementation and centralisation of these cyber security systems has reduced the number of incidents, as well as detecting and blocking incidents. For example, the monitoring of third-party equipment connected to the network detected and prevented a malware attack via an infected supplier's laptop in time.

"Thinking about managing the cyber security of a critical infrastructure such as El Dorado International Airport is a big challenge that involves multi-purpose technologies and a high level of technology, as well as the urgent need for advanced planning and a high level of analytical complexity to prevent cyber threats. This challenge can only be met with the right and reliable strategic partner. Sofistic has played a very important role for Opain in this regard and has brought the organisation to a level of maturity in cyber security that allows us to be leaders and pioneers in the sector. This challenge would not have been possible without their support"

Claudia María Bedoya, digital, cyber-security and systems manager at El Dorado International Airport