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Thanks to Cuatroochenta’s application for the creation and management of work reports, the industrial machinery manufacturer has increased efficiency by 15% by offering the best customer experience in the management of repairs and maintenance.

The client: SACMI Ibérica

SACMI Ibérica is a subsidiary of the Italian multinational SACMI, a world leader in the supply of advanced technologies for the ceramics, metals, packaging and food industries, as well as the production of plastic packaging and advanced materials.

The company employs around 130 people and has a large, geographically dispersed staff of technicians who provide after-sales service to different customers. Given this situation, there came a time when it was critical to be able to have the information on the activities carried out by the specialists in the minimum time and with the maximum precision for the subsequent exploitation of the data.

Start of the project: 2018

Project challenges

Go from paper to digital.

Receive information in real time.

Have greater control of all jobs and assemblies, including those that take months to complete.

Having the possibility of analysing the data received.

Simplify processes.

Streamline decision making.

Operation of an offline tool.

Increased productivity in the team.

«The main challenge of the project at a technological level was that we had a lot of users, some of them not very skilled with digital tools; so we needed to make a very simple and at the same time very robust user interface; and we achieved it»

Nacho Porcar, IT Manager at SACMI Ibérica.

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Creation and management of work reports on the move.

A tool that streamlines the workflows of SAT technicians. The application collects data (type of report, name of technician and customer, registration number and type of machine), description of the action (assembly, repair, and modification), travel, materials, allowances and hours. In addition, it is also possible to add attachments to the bulletins for further information.

Accessible and connected information

An application connected to the company's ERP that synchronises information in real time.

Signature control system

Once the activity has been carried out, the operator signs the incident and can check that everything is correct on a summary screen before the customer's validation signature.

Automatic notification to the client

The app generates a work report in PDF and sends a copy to the customer by email, avoiding delays.

Activity alerts

By means of push notifications, the operator receives a notification with the new incidents assigned.

Real-time reports.

The app allows you to consult the reports generated, perform filtered searches and access the information sheet for each work item.

An environment adapted to the user.

Simpler and more personalised user interfaces for non-technological users.

The app designed by Cuatroochenta favours the integral management of the process, involving technical users, clients, work reports and delivery notes. The connection between offices and technicians favours the exchange of data in real time with the head office and with the client, generating a good experience. The technician fills in the data, the job description and the time record on the spot, while the customer receives the job ticket instantly.

«Customers have been very appreciative of the possibility that the work reports app has given us to share data with them digitally, which has led to an even stronger partnership strategy»

David Gálvez, General Manager of SACMI Ibérica.

Application development

A project developed following Cuatroochenta's continuous development methodology that consists of:

  • 1
    An initial analysis in which the client's needs are analysed and a solution is proposed from all those available in the technological field that covers the client's problem at an economic, functional and technological level.
  • 2
    Once a solution to the problem has been found, a detailed solution proposal is presented, describing how the need will be met.
  • 3
    When it is accepted, it is planned and developed together with the client's supervision and finally delivered.

«In the case of SACMI Ibérica, the solution that best suited their needs was the customised work reports app. With its implementation, agility and immediacy have been achieved»

Marc Sabater, Business Analyst of Cuatroochenta.


  • Widespread use in technical assistance.
  • Complete elimination of paper.
  • Assistance information in real time for SACMI and for the client.
  • Benefit for contractors who do not have ERP, as they take advantage of the web application to cover a large part of the management that an ERP would do.
  • Commitment to a work bulletin at destination and digital within 24 hours.
  • Creation of an information repository.
  • Reduction of over 50% in the administrative work involved in telephone administration.
  • Increase in efficiency by more than 15% and in the quality of control over the progress of large projects (geographically dispersed).
  • Optimisation and management of information.

+ working parts

+ daily work reports

+ app users

«The know-how of a company like Cuatroochenta has made our project scalable from the very first moment. It has been a total success. It's not just the frontend that you see on the mobile, behind it there is a backend with a logic programmed on an Amazon server (AWS) that is really what makes the magic possible»

Nacho Porcar, IT Manager at SACMI Ibérica.

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