The Sacmi Group companies in Spain and Portugal optimise their productivity and the management of work reports with an app developed by Cuatroochenta.

The digital transformation of the management of work reports is possible through an app that favours comprehensive management (users, customers, work reports, delivery notes, etc.), the connection between offices and technicians, and the optimisation of productivity through an app. This is the commitment of Sacmi Ibérica, a company belonging to the Sacmi Group (Italy), which is dedicated to the production and installation of machines and complete plants for the ceramics industry, as well as the manufacture and packaging of toilets in Spain and Portugal.

The great advantage of the Sacmi mobile application, developed by Cuatroochenta, is that it eliminates the inconvenience, noise and delays of having to carry out work reports on paper. The process is digitised and immediate, a characteristic that, in turn, maximises production, connecting all the agents involved in the process in real time.


The Sacmi app facilitates a simple and agile operation. The technicians in charge of the work reports have a user profile with which they can access their reports and/or create new ones. The process is simplified in such a way that, on a mobile, the user can register a new work report by filling in the data, the job description and the time registration. The relevant parts will be completed and signed by the client through the app itself and, once closed, a PDF will be generated that is sent by email to the company.

People who use this app

After the good results obtained since the implementation of the app, Sacmi and Cuatroochenta are working on new functionalities that allow the application to be used in other areas.

Optimize the management of work reports with an app connected to your ERP

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Features of Sacmi app

  • Add work reports: data (type of bulletin, name of technician and customer, registration number, and type of machine), work (description, assembly, repair, modification) and hours.
  • Signature control system.
  •  Push notifications.
  • Consult the reports generated, perform filtered searches and access the information sheet for each part of the work.
  • Report of the work done in real time.
  • Add annexes to the reports for more information.