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The software developed by Cuatroochenta allows you to obtain, through an algorithm based on big data and machine learning, a sales performance 30% higher than conventional systems by optimising admission prices and capacity.

The client: leisure parks

Tourist venues with a large influx of people require dynamic ticketing systems to maximise revenue from ticket sales and improve capacity control and knowledge of visitor profiles and the type of tickets sold. In addition, they need user-friendly digital channels to improve the user experience at the entrance. The Aquarama water park was the first to implement Cuatroochenta's solution.

Start of the project: 2016


Obtain greater control over the park's capacity

Tickets are distributed for many parks with months of validity, which can generate peaks of affluence that are difficult to manage. Having detected this problem, Cuatroochenta decided to add a layer of technology that would make it possible to control the influx of visitors to these facilities, offering different daily prices according to the analysis of a series of variables.

Increase the average park ticket

To achieve an automatic pricing strategy to align the different buyer profiles with the available prices, maximising the average daily ticket. In addition, the platform should be able to generate promotions and discounts based on traffic predictions and real-time ticket stock data.

Improving recurrence

At the same time, the aim was to improve recurrence by improving the purchasing process, aimed at optimising the park's capacity and generating the best user experience during their visit.

Increase daily ticket sales

Another key challenge was to increase the capacity of the park on the days when it was less crowded in order to increase ticket sales and profits for the park as a whole.


The solution developed by Cuatroochenta offers a higher or lower sale price by crossing historical attendance data, weather forecasts or maximum capacity, so that the system can optimise daily ticket sales and the park's income. Its functionalities include:

1. Development of an ad hoc algorithm

Creation of a proprietary algorithm based on big data.

2. Incorporation of machine learning

Real-time optimisation of the prices of the different ticket models based on demand predictions.

3. Management of promotional codes

Agile creation of promotional codes through multiple combinable criteria: type of promotion, number of uses, applicable discount, minimum purchase price, user ID, date of use: day and time, etc.

4. Control over the daily capacity of the park

The system provides agile management of a calendar that allows real-time control of all online sales: by type of ticket and by session (morning and afternoon). In this way, the administrator can modify the total capacity of the park or of a specific type of ticket.

5. Complete reporting system

From the platform it is possible to know all the details of the tickets sold, filtering by various parameters such as the type of pack, the form of payment, the language of the purchases, the origin, average monthly sales price, etc.

6. Integration with ERP and data management systems

The platform offers sales and attendance data in different ways: by registering on the platform itself or by integrating with the company's ERP. In addition, this information can also be integrated with a data visualisation and management system such as Google Data Studio or Microsoft Dynamics Power BI.

"Thanks to the dynamic pricing platform we have increased our online turnover by 50%. Its implementation has allowed us to control, among other things, the influx of public to our facilities, managing to laminate the daily attendance with different automated prices. Undoubtedly, it is a key software to obtain greater control, increase the offer and enrich the customer experience"

Lola Salgado, director of the Aquarama water park

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Application development

Based on experience in previous projects focused on ticket sales, the need was detected to work on an algorithm that would increase sales and improve the standard dynamic ticketing solutions available. To this end, we worked on a solution that combined big data for data processing and machine learning to generate attendance or ticket sales predictions based on multiple variables.

Since its launch, the platform has improved its functionality by incorporating different modules with new functionalities that improve business knowledge and the processing of all the information generated on the platform.


  • The platform achieves sales performance on average 30% higher than conventional dynamic pricing systems.
  • Price maximisation for each type of ticket in real time. Based on the information available, the platform offers the optimal price to increase the average daily ticket of the park.
  • Optimisation of the park's capacity, avoiding specific peaks (queues or crowds) and allowing an optimum level of visitors each day.
  • Improved customer experience and customer loyalty.




As a result of the success of the solution dedicated to leisure parks and hand in hand with Easygoband, our partner specialising in contactless solutions, the Karisma Hotels & Resorts chain (Gupo Lomas) has entrusted us with the implementation of our ticketing platform with dynamic price generation in its new Nickelodeon Hotel & Resort in Punta Cana.

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