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Cuatroochenta puts the most advanced technology in the retail sector at the service of the new Consum supermarket app so that its 3.4 million customers can shop online in a personalised, fast and secure way.

Supermercados Consum, one of the leading chains in Spain with 755 shops, has made online shopping available to its customers through its new app in a personalised, fast and secure way, thanks to a development by Cuatroochenta. The Valencian cooperative offers its 3.4 million member-customers, progressively in the areas where the online shop is active, the possibility of making purchases directly, consulting discounts or redeeming gift vouchers within the same platform, gaining in usability and saving time. The application has been designed and programmed in React Native for Android and iOS using the most advanced technology in the retail sector, with the help of a highly specialised development and UX/UI team. The aim, according to the chain itself, is to "improve the customer experience, advance in digitisation and innovation and in the use of technology at the service of consumers".

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The Mundo Consum app is designed to be consistent with the relationship that the Valencian co-operative traditionally maintains with its member-customers, to be close to them and to reward loyalty in an effective way. Thus, in 2020, the Valencian co-operative gave a total of 52.6 million euros in discounts to its customers, an increase of 9.7% compared to 2019. These values are also extended to its workforce of 17,400 employees, who were recently rewarded by Consum with a COVID bonus for the special effort they are making during the pandemic.


Employed people


Euros in rebates given to customers in 2020

Technology for a complete shopping experience

Consum's new app brings the complete supermarket shopping experience to the mobile device in a personalised way to reward loyalty and achieve maximum savings. The app allows the customer to shop online by consulting the entire catalogue, scanning the product code or redeeming gift vouchers. From the shop to the pantry in the easiest, quickest and safest way. And the application also makes shopping in the supermarket easier, allowing you to ask for your turn, validate your membership card, redeem discounts or receive your shopping receipt from your mobile phone, without any contact thanks to NFC technology..

Functionality of the new Mundo Consum app:

Online shop

It allows you to carry out and complete the entire online shopping process at Consum by choosing products, with different search filters (ecological, own brand, new products...) and the possibility of reviewing previous purchases.

Barcode reader

To scan the barcode of the products at home, check details such as price and add it to the online shopping cart.

My shopping lists

Consult the product catalogue to set up a list so that you never run out of food.

My Gift Vouchers

Consult and redeem gift voucher amounts directly from your mobile phone.

My Savings Coupons

Discounts on regular products that can be added directly to the cart from the app.

Make an appointment

Book a shift from your mobile phone for the fish shop, butcher shop and charcuterie shop without having to pick up a paper ticket from the dispenser.

My tickets, my delivery addresses...

View and configure your shopping receipts, delivery addresses, history, shop locator... in your member profile in the app.

My Mundo Consum card

Membership card to be scanned at the cash desk.

In addition, some of the chain's supermarkets have also implemented beacons. These electronic beacons communicate with nearby mobile devices via Bluetooth, so that customers can receive notifications on the app with promotions or personalised messages.

"The aim of the new app is to improve the customer experience, advance in digitalisation and innovation and in the use of technology at the service of consumers".

Consum supermarket cooperative.