With more than 600,000 downloads, the official EMT Valencia app, developed by Cuatroochenta, has been responding since 2012 to the mobility needs of users of public transport in the third most populated city in Spain.

Client: EMT Valencia

The Municipal Transport Company of Valencia (EMT Valencia) is in charge of the public transport service in the city of Valencia, the third most populated metropolitan area in Spain.

The first version of the app was developed in 2012, being one of the first Cuatroochenta projects. Since then, EMT Valencia has continually entrusted the evolution of the application to Cuatroochenta and, after various updates, in 2017 a total redesign of the app was developed, which helps the EMT to adapt to new technologies and the needs of users.

The EMT Valencia app has become the spearhead of other mobility developments for clients such as Metro Málaga, Vectalia, Northgate, Alphabet and Cargacoches, among others.

Beginning of the project: October 2012.


  • Develop an app for a public service in the metropolitan area of Valencia, with around 1.5 million inhabitants.
  • Facilitate the daily habits of people who use public transport in Valencia and contribute to the promotion of its use.
  • Offer useful information about the public transport service: lines, stops, schedules, check routes in real time, etc.
  • Group information related to transport services in a single tool: bus, metro, tram, Valenbisi, private bike, etc.
  • Top up the EMT Valencia public transport cards.
  • Create a channel between the users of the EMT Valencia and the Customer Service Office.


  • Creation of an assistant for getting around Valencia by public transport and taking it to the mobile phones of people using public transport.
  • Redesign of the app in 2017 with new features: create notices about bus services and stops, allow users to view bus positions, and to check for available bikes within the Valenbisi service, among other features.
  • Using GPS technology, users can follow the route of a bus in real time, know when it arrives, locate stops and/or calculate how to get to any point in the city.
  • Users can personalise the app and make it their own: save their most frequent stops, favourite lines and places, activate notifications, create alarms, etc.
  • Service information is provided to users: a map with Metro and Valenbisi stops, warning of notices, lines and stops, incidents and route changes, and the ability to contact the Customer Service Office from your mobile.
  • The app allows you to check the balance on your card and top it up.

App development

After a first ad hoc development in 2012, five years later, in 2017, Cuatroochenta completely redesigned the EMT Valencia app adding new functionalities that make it a personalised assistant for all people, both residents of Valencia and tourists, who use of public transport in the city. To achieve this, the EMT technical team participated in the functional design of the app.

  • View information on the map about nearby buses, stops and arrival estimates, Metro station lines, free terminals, and available Valenbisi bikes.
  • Follow the bus route in real time and create notifications about its arrival and/or notifications about the next stop.
  • Access information on bus lines, stops, schedules and routes on the city map.

  • Check the balance of the card and top it up with Bonobús trips.
  • Calculate how to get to a specific address or place of interest using sustainable means of transport.
  • Save the most frequent stops, cards, lines and favourite places.
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The information on bus stops, the search for lines, the real-time consultation on routes and the personalisation through favourites are among the most used functionalities, according to the usage statistics, by the users of the EMT app Valencia..

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This was a development focused on meeting the needs of users of the Valencia public transport service, and which the EMT puts directly in their hands. With the redesign in 2017 and the latest functionalities added, through the app, the EMT has managed to improve its service, adapt to the needs of its users and turn Valencia into one of the cities with the most popular public transport options across all types (bus, metro, bike, etc.).

Since the beginning of the Cuatroochenta project, we have accompanied and advised EMT Valencia on how to adapt the app to the latest technology and to the demands of users. In addition, through participation in an RRI project with Jaume I University (Castelló), we have determined, through surveys and focus groups, what people who use the technology developed by Cuatroochenta for public transport think and expect from it.

The users of the EMT Valencia app connect every day with a tailored tool for their trips to work, schools, places of interest in the city, etc., via public transport around the city..