Alicante, Elche, Santiago de Compostela, Mérida and 16 Spanish cities manage their ORA (Spanish Regulatory Parking Ordinance) zone using the Moviltik app, which brings the functionalities of a parking meter to the mobile phone to improve the user experience.

The client: Vectalia y Pavapark

Project jointly promoted by Vectalia, one of the main mobility management groups in Spain; Pavapark, the mobility division of the civil works construction company Pavasal; and Cuatroochenta as a technological partner, which arose as a result of the development of Vectalia's urban transport app (Subús).

Beginning of the project: September 2016


  • Create a convenient and agile form of payment for regulated parking zones (ORA) via mobile phone as an alternative to the parking meter
  • Pay for actual parking time
  • Avoid the user having to physically move to extend the parking time and change the ticket
  • Increase the rotation of vehicles in parking areas
  • Implement the model in underground car parks
  • Promote a payment model for the ORA area and standardised car parks that can be implemented in any city


  • Creation of a system that allows the management of different functionalities related to the payment of ORA areas via mobile
  • Draw on the experience of Vectalia and Pavapark in the field of mobility, and Cuatroochenta in the technological field, to guarantee a good user experience (UX)
  • Achieve a technological solution that can respond in a unified way to the needs and particularities of the different cities
  • Implement a channel for rapid incident management and contact with users
  • Use the web platform and social networks as channels of communication with the public

Digital transformation: Moviltik App

Management of parking time without having to physically go to the parking meter, and the sending of notifications when the virtual ticket is about to expire.

The traditional paper ticket becomes a digital ticket that is stored in the user's history. The payment of the ORA/underground parking area is made by linking a credit card, VISA or MasterCard in a safe and fast way with PCI certification and validation through Redsys of the PaynoPain payment gateway.

Unpark through the app, paying only for the time the vehicle has been parked.

Register one or more license plates to the same profile to speed up future payments.

Programming and web design.

Information on frequently asked questions related to the app.

Map of cities where Moviltik has been implemented.

News section (blog).

Download the app.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Actions

Marketing contents – SEO

Blog with information related to the latest Moviltik news and quality articles on related topics that can add value to the public.

Social media strategy
Production of promotional video

Movitik has been able to simplify payment for parking in the ORA zone and underground car parks by incorporating all the functionalities of a parking meter on a mobile app.

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