The new material for the Graphenglass architecture entrusts its launch to Daniel Zomeño and Cuatroochenta.

A revolutionary new product, cutting-edge and capable of changing meanings. Graphenglass entrusts the creation of the brand and visual identity of its new material to Cuatroochenta, relying on the support of Daniel Zomeño in the art direction, Joan Rojeski in the design and Joan Guasch in the audiovisual realization.

Graphenglass launches a new material. It is the first industrial production compact graphene aimed at the architecture and interior design sectors. All focused on revolutionizing the concepts of avant-garde, design and creativity. This new material is an unprecedented innovation, allowing the creation of organic and volumetric shapes with ease for indoor and outdoor application.

Based on the design of the new Graphenglass brand, Cuatroochenta has been in charge of the launch strategy and the development of its website.

Compact graphene breaks into architecture