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USign is an app developed by Cuatroochenta for signing documents with digital certificates in an agile and secure way from a mobile phone.


Using USign is so simple and fast, it takes just 20 seconds to sign any type of document with a digital certificate from a mobile phone (contracts, registrations, invoices, electronic administrative records, etc.), no matter where or when.

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The application allows you to select the document to sign and, as it is possible to manage more than one signature, to choose which signature to use and indicate in the document itself where it should be placed. Once the document is signed, the app allows you to share it instantly via email and/or instant messaging, or simply save it.

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In addition to signing documents, another of the key features of USign is that users can manage all their signed documents and access them whenever necessary. Not only is it an agile and easy-to-use application, but the management of various signatures and documents is totally secure.

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USign features

Sign all kinds of documents with a digital certificate anywhere, at any time, from your mobile phone.

Manage one or more signatures from the app without having to change user or device.

Share signed documents by email or instant messaging, and keep access to a history in which they will remain saved so that they can be used whenever needed.

Option of a paid version which provides access to more features.