Ferrovial uses CheckingPlan to register the working hours of more than 1,400 workers in Spain.

The leading Spanish company in the development of transport infrastructures, mobility solutions, engineering and construction of civil works and buildings in 2020 incorporated CheckingPlan as a platform to control the presence of more than 1,400 employees, distributed across 19 of its work centres in Spain, adapted to both office and remote work (professional travel or teleworking).

Managing the work schedule of the company's human resources, registering the entry and exit of employees, delays, attendances and monitoring this information through exhaustive reports is the value offered by CheckingPlan, the intelligent service management platform from Cuatroochenta's product division, to Ferrovial for internal use by the company.

People using the app/month

Work centres

Daily operations

Time recording functionalities for Ferrovial

The platform's ability to adapt to different types of projects and the needs of companies such as Ferrovial, allows combining standard functionalities with additional functionalities:

Import of calendars

Management of the working calendar (holidays) to determine special hours, service changes, time changes, etc.

Personalised reports

Web environment for reports of contact hours and overtime.

Generation of a work calendar report for employees.

Employee sheets

Detailed information: worker file with personal data, photographs and observations.

Presence: shift schedule of transfer lists, shifts, schedules, reasons for delays, etc.

Personalised advice

The CheckingPlan consulting team was assigned to parameterise and evolve the project.

Additional features


Sending notifications to the employee for transfers that are copied to HR for, for example, employees making business trips.


From the CheckingPlan BackEnd, Ferrovial can schedule a person's shifts and schedules.

Combined checking methods

To record working hours, Ferrovial staff have two systems for signing in: app (Android and iOS) and the biometric validation method, for which they have chosen to sign in by fingerprint. The CheckingPlan solution allows the 1,400 company workers to combine both methods, synchronised with each other, to sign in both in person and remotely.


In this way, thanks to the platform, the same person can register their workday both by app and biometrically. In addition to the systems used by the employees, the Human Resources department can access the CheckingPlan BackEnd to view and analyse the data.

Ferrovial has been CheckingPlan since 2014

Since 2014, Ferrovial, in addition to using CheckingPlan as a platform in its own offices, is one of the leading Spanish multinationals in the Facility Services sector that, together with other CheckingPlan clients, such as FCC, Ingesan (OHL), Clece (Grupo ACS) and Valoriza (Sacyr Vallehermoso), is committed to using the platform to plan, manage and optimise cleaning, maintenance and security services on roads, in hospitals, airports, train stations and education centres. In many cases, this is accompanied by the registration of presence module, of which the company itself is a user.

CheckingPlan: presence recording

The registration and management tool for employee signings, a platform adaptable to all types of companies.

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