Enel-Codensa Colombia


App development

The multinational Enel manages the safety training of its teams in Codensa Colombia through an internal app developed by Cuatroochenta.

Planning, scheduling, communicating and controlling the internal safety training of teams is a key point in a multinational company dedicated to the distribution and commercialisation of electricity such as the Italian Enel, owner of Endesa in Spain and Codensa in Colombia. Safety Learn, the private app developed by Cuatroochenta to manage the continuous improvement of the staff in this area internally in the company with headquarters in Bogota, responds to this need.

A process that is thus digitally transformed so that paper manuals, reports and attendance forms give way to an online environment on the mobile device, agile and convenient, gaining in efficiency by saving costs.

After gaining quick access with a password, the application gives access to a simple and intuitive Content Management System (CMS) that allows the management of training topics and the administration of the user database.

Enel-Codensa Colombia Safety Learn app functionalities.

The app allows attendance at training courses to be monitored by scanning QR codes.

Organise training content by topics and subtopics.

Differentiate roles between users and administrators of the application and also between trainer profiles: internal Codensa, contractor or third party.

Offline access to contents

The application is an internal Enel-Codensa Colombia tool to help trainers plan and organise the training contents and be able to consult them even in offline mode.