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4 examples of gamification applied to digital transformation in corporate internal processes

Latin American and European multinationals already use apps to promote the corporate culture, staff motivation and two-way internal communication. A new generation of apps that use gamification on the digital transformation of internal processes, which has come to stay in our smartphones.  Bold and entertaining, these internal apps are used to develop complete training and assessment strategies, to improve team building and even to promote trends capture.

In an environment far from the grey and formal intranets - to really make it seem like a game. As an example, here are 4 features, increasingly demanded by Cuatroochenta customers, for apps that do not seek massive downloads in App Store and Google Play, but rather usage by staff and partners with an aim to make their communication smoother:

1. Motivating the team through a quiz (CTN Adidas). An internal communication application that includes a quiz with questions about Adidas and its products, for staff to test their knowledge through a series of challenges and chances to get rewards. The Adidas Latin America app is part of “Creating the New" (CTN), the strategic business plan of the sport brand until 2020, aiming to contribute to staff motivation through gamification. As well as integrating a wall with news feed, it allows staff to make suggestions to the company. It is an ad-hoc solution developed by Cuatroochenta, which has been running since 2016.

2. Making staff into coolhunters. (Bodegas Torres). How to get staff in a large corporation share ideas and trends detected in their sector or be aware of competitors’ moves? And how to do it in a smooth and creative way, so that it happens spontaneously? Bodegas Torres is determined to achieve this by means of a simple and fun app that works as a kind of internal social network. The application makes its international team (1,300 employees and vineyards in Spain, Chile and California) into active "explorers" by enabling them, through instant messaging, to share their findings with the rest of the team, by locating them and giving them recognition. The app is also poised to evolve towards gamification with an aim to reward the users who provide more value.

3. Internal training and assessment made into a game (Quizfit). A simple questions & answers game in a fun and innovative environment for staff to learn and effectively strengthen their knowledge, while measuring and analyzing results through a complete evaluation module. That is the bet of Bizpills group, a holding company which implements technology solutions to help companies improve training, talent development, commercial efficiency and internal communication processes. In short, this is an app that generates a personalized, interactive and intuitive learning experience.

4. File sharing, calendar, news and surveys: one-stop shop (Sefici). Not exactly a game, but with such easy settings and operation that it looks like one. The different modules of the Sefici app make it a very useful internal communication tool: sharing files in the cloud, access to calendars for task coordination, corporate news or staff opinion surveys. A practical way to bring this type of tasks to smartphones and to facilitate their management during waiting or idle moments, still within a professional environment managed by the company and yet avoiding the dispersion of instant messaging apps.