Encuentra24, the leading ‘marketplace’ in Central America, with more than 2 million registered users, entrusted Cuatroochenta with the development of Shoperia, the great new online sales platform in Panama.

Under the slogan “Buy the same as there, but here,” Shoperia was born, the new technological proposal from Encuentra24, the leading web and app marketplace in Central America with more than 2 million users in eight countries. Shoperia is a new online sales portal developed by Cuatroochenta, a technological partner of Encuentra24 since 2015, "a kind of Panamanian Amazon" that offers the widest variety of products across various categories to satisfy all consumer needs.

With just a few clicks, visitors can find everything they are looking for and make a purchase easily, quickly and safely.

For their part, Panamanian merchants can sell their products through the platform, whether or not they have an online store, getting an additional channel to increase their sales.

cuerpo encuentra24 shoperia

The thing is, the internet has changed the way we talk, write, buy and sell. Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion in 2021 globally. Faced with this constantly growing context, in which Panama did not have any leading e-commerce platform of this type (a multivendor, multicategory, multidelivery, multipayment online marketplace), Shoperia facilitates the sales process and exposure to customers thanks to the wide experience of Encuentra24. The portal has an interesting perspective and is based on first-hand knowledge of the local and regional online consumer market.

With shipments within 48 business hours in the metropolitan area and within 72 hours within the country, the Panamanian Marketplace is a new way to buy online in a region where, for example, Amazon is not established.

Advantages for the buyer:

1. Save time and money by avoiding travel.

2. No queues to buy.

3. You can buy every day of the year, at all hours.

4. Wide variety of options.

5. Easy and quick to communicate.

6. Catalogue full of products of all types and in all sectors.

7. Possibility of comparing prices and conditions.

Benefits for the seller/merchant:

1. Greater exposure for products and brands.

2. Access to millions of registered users.

3. Use of the platform with no limit on the number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

4. Extension of the existing online store and without the need to intervene in the physical store.

5. Advertising on the platform.

6. E-commerce marketing solutions

7. Merchandise delivery service with an approved Shoperia logistics provider.

8. Ease of growth and the ability to offer more and better products and services.

"Shoperia has multiple categories of products, payment and delivery methods so that users can buy safely at all times. In addition, the portal is a proposal to support all businesses in the country and is linked to a 360º marketing strategy for the entire Panamanian population.".


Robert Vanselow, Manager of Ecommerce in Shoperia