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The Silenzze app has its own algorithm developed by Cuatroochenta that detects snoring and modifies the position of the bed to improve the quality of sleep.

Silenzze combines its bed with a mobile application developed by Cuatroochenta that detects snoring and helps users to sleep better. It’s a practical solution that prioritises the quality of people's rest through an intelligent system in which the app acts as the brain of the system.

The Silenzze app has its own algorithm developed based on listening and its own clinical studies tested by medical staff on individuals with a pathological history of snoring. The algorithm automatically activates the anti-snoring system while the user is sleeping and corrects their position.

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The app is very simple to use. The user activates Silenzze when going to bed and it is the app itself which, on detecting that the person is snoring via the mobile phone's microphone, automatically sends a warning to the bed so that it moves, corrects its posture and, therefore, stops the snoring. The app is connected to Silenzze's latest-generation articulated bed, which, being divided into independent sections, makes movement possible, and to a specially manufactured mattress to make all the elements of the system compatible.

The app also functions as a remote control for the bed via the Bluetooth system of the mobile phone, allowing the user to control the upper (head) and lower (feet) areas of the bed and adapt it to his or her preferences and needs.

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Functionalities of the Silenzze app:

  • Activation of the app's anti-snoring system that automatically modifies the position of the bed.
  • Control of the bed positions from the mobile phone.
  • Ability to save favourite positions (reading, watching TV, sleeping, etc.) and activate them from the mobile phone.


The app acts as the brain of a system that connects the bed and the Silenzze mattress, making it an effective solution while users sleep.

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