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It is estimated that 3% of the document volume of an organisation is essential and therefore, must be preserved. Technology can help identify and classify all that essential documentation for the entity’s activity.

Archival documents are those that are generated by organisations during the development of their activities, such as minutes, resolutions, agreements, files, payroll and accounting books etc. They can be presented in multiple formats, from textual to photographic, audio-visual or electronic. They are unique and original and their testimonial value means that they must be preserved in the long term. The importance of these documents lies not only in the information they contain, but in that they become a crucial instrument to help us understand the outcomes and events of the past. Let's go a little deeper.

What are the characteristics of archival documents?

Authenticity and originality

This is a basic principle of all archival documents and therefore, no two are ever the same. In order to be preserved, both authorship and date of creation must be proven.


Evidentiary value

This endorses an activity and provides sufficient information on the facts or procedures it represents. They have, therefore, a testimonial interest that can become historical in some cases.


Documents cannot be changed or altered and their integrity must be guaranteed. The organisation must ensure their protection and security so that they are not modified.


Physical or electronic access to the document must be ensured and it must meet optimal preservation conditions, as in most cases it must be preserved for the long term.

Alejandría, is the simplest way to organise archival documents

Meeting all these requirements becomes a challenge for the archiving of documents in organisations that handle large volumes of documentation, both in physical and digital formats. Document and archive management in companies and administrations is essential to classify and store the information generated. For this reason, from Cuatroochenta we have developed Alejandría, a software able to save, manage and control the movement and treatment of archive documents, whilst ensuring maximum security.