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The technology consulting firm has integrated Asintec, with one of the most used professional management softwares in Spain (CheckingPlan), and Sofistic, a leader in cybersecurity in the banking sector in Central America, to add a business volume of 5 million euros and a team of 80 people. The operation was completed with a financing round and the entry of prominent investors to fulfil its strategic plan and go to MAB in 2020.

Cuatroochenta has closed the acquisition of two leading technology companies, Asintec and Sofistic, accompanied by a financing round with the incorporation of new partners, in compliance with its strategic plan after a year of work. Inorganic growth means increasing its turnover to 5 million euros, EBITDA to 1 million, and the workforce to 80 people. The goal is to complete preparations to go out to the Alternative Stock Market (MAB).


Asintec Gestión SL, a company with more than 20 years’ experience and headquartered in Burgos, has a mobility task management system, CheckingPlan, used by large facility service managers in cleaning, waste collection and maintenance for work plans, task registration, time control, geolocation and electronic invoicing. A tool that, on a daily basis, helps to improve the productivity of hundreds of thousands of professionals throughout the country, with use cases such as real estate assets, where several portfolios of more than 50,000 assets and hundreds of mobile users are managed.


On the other hand, Sofistic SA is a Panamanian company specialised in cybersecurity with headquarters and commercial teams in five countries, which offers services to more than 20 banks in Central America, as well as critical infrastructure companies, being the main distributor in Latin America of the DarkTrace solution, which autonomously fights threats through artificial intelligence.

The Cuatroochenta team, in front of its central office in Espaitec, the technology park of Jaume I University (Castelló, Spain).

With the integration of both firms, Cuatroochenta takes a qualitative leap, entering strategic sectors and reinforcing its position as a 100% technology company oriented towards business optimisation, with the ability to provide consulting, advanced software development and implementation. Starting from its origins as an app developer, it has now become a top-level technology partner undertaking digital transformation with the most powerful cloud management and cybersecurity solutions, an omnichannel service that adapts to the needs of each client and with a focus always on the results.

Alfredo R. Cebrián, CEO of Cuatroochenta, on the Madrid Stock Exchange after participating in the MedCap forum.

The technology consultancy now faces its IPO, after three years of preparation in the Pre-Market Environment programme promoted by the Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) society and the Big Ban angels association to facilitate access to private investment for emerging companies, complying with the same standards of accountability and transparency as when accessing the MAB, foreseeably in 2020.

New partners supporting the project

This corporate operation, which has relied on the advice of the Broseta law firm and the Tax Technical Office, has been accompanied by a round of financing that has made it possible to carry out acquisitions, with the entry of new investment partners, and also through bank financing. Among the new partners are Pavasal, Vicente Beltrán (Repol), and José Michavila. Entities, companies and entrepreneurs with an established trajectory are supporting the project, together with a series of private minority shareholders who have taken the opportunity to join Cuatroochenta.

In addition, the founders of the two acquired firms, Javier Casero (Asintec) and Ángel López (Sofistic), have also become partners of Cuatroochenta and will continue to lead the different business units and their corresponding teams; in the case of Ángel López, leading the development of business in cybersecurity at a global level. The founders, Alfredo R. Cebrián (CEO) and Sergio Aguado (CTO), remain as majority shareholders at the helm of Cuatroochenta, with Vicente Montesinos as chairman of the board of directors, established this year after the conversion to SA.

Montaje oficinas 3

New Cuatroochenta headquarters in Castelló (Spain).

In the same way, the Asintec offices and teams will be maintained in Burgos and Sofistic in Panama City, Bogotá (Colombia), Santiago de Chile, and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). Thus, Cuatroochenta will further progress its aims of operational excellence through internationalisation, drawing on the talent of its young multidisciplinary team, with offices with its own staff in Milan, Madrid, and Barcelona, ​​in addition to the company's headquarters in the technology park of Universitat Jaume I, Espaitec, in Castelló (Spain), where the offices have been recently remodelled.

At the same time, Cuatroochenta continues to strengthen its own ecosystem of innovation and technological dissemination. Some of the start-ups owned by the company through its driving force, Blast Off Partners, such as Rithmi (algorithm for the prevention of stroke through smart bracelets), GraphenGlass (new material for architecture based on graphene), and Sefici (app for incident management), are already valued at more than one million euros. In addition, the company has established the smart city solutions society Ciudadanos Digitales and maintains its participation in educational and training projects, such as Mit4, Hackathon Castellón, and the #EnModoAvión talks.