Metro de Málaga brings the fast recharge of the travel card to the mobile with an app that complements the web platform, both developed by Cuatroochenta. It also allows you to create a personal profile to speed up steps or receive information about the service in real time.

Cuatroochenta continues to work intensively on technological solutions to optimise processes and improve the user experience in the mobility sector. Metro de Málaga has entrusted us with the development of its official app, which completes the web platform it launched in 2018, to digitalise processes and avoid queues for users of the Andalusian capital's public transport service, which continues to break passenger records.

The application not only responds to the basic needs of any metro user, such as checking timetables, lines and stops, but also has an added value: checking and topping up the balance of the Metro de Málaga travel card by reading the card code using NFC technology. Cuatroochenta is also in charge of developing a solution for online recharging of Metro de Málaga cards through a web platform which, together with the app, continues to add positively to the experience with users of the service.

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The Metro de Málaga app simplifies and speeds up the process of consulting and recharging the balance of your travel cards in a secure way. The app also allows users to save their payment details to speed up future top-ups by creating a personal profile.

In addition, Metro de Málaga provides users with all the necessary information about the Metro de Málaga service: regular and special timetables, the frequency of each line, routes and stops. In addition to related functionalities, such as geolocation, which shows the nearest stops and how to get to them, and real-time information on those stops that the user has marked as favourites (next train, arrival time, direction).

Features of the official Metro de Málaga app:

Quick and intuitive recharge of the Metro de Málaga travel card from your mobile phone.

Creation of a personal profile that allows you to save your payment details and speed up future recharges.

Consultation of timetables, all routes and stops.

Users receive information on the direction of the line and arrival time of the stops they have marked as favourites, as well as service alerts in real time.

Metro de Málaga: online recharge platform

The online recharge platform developed by Cuatroochenta (with the multinational Indra in charge of the card's internal operating technology) is a solution for consulting the number of journeys and available balance and recharging Metro de Málaga cards online from any device.

Both technological solutions help to decongest the ticket dispensers (DAB's), reduce waiting time when recharging or checking the balance of the transport card and enhance the experience of using Metro de Málaga.