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Cybersecurity  ·  Darktrace

Confiar, one of the most important financial cooperatives in Colombia, relies on Sofistic to identify and monitor, through Darktrace’s NDR system for agile detection and response, the newest and most complex cyber threats.

The financial sector is one of the most affected, in recent years, by cyber-attacks due to the high impact that can have the cut of its services and activity. In addition, the complexity of attacks targeting this area is increasing. In the current context of digital transformation, the times when it was possible to stop a cyberattack simply with an antivirus are far behind us.

The client: Confiar Financial Cooperative

Confiar is one of the most important financial cooperatives in Colombia. With more than 50 years of history, it has 60 offices throughout the country, including Bogotá and Medellín, and has registered a growth of more than 18% in the last year. Through savings and credit products and services, social programs and services, especially social housing, they reach a social base of more than 360,000 people.

Faced with increasing cyber threats in the country, the cooperative has been continuously improving its security strength to protect its clients' data.


As a financial institution, Confiar has always had a clear commitment to robust security to protect its customers' data. The cooperative started with traditional security tools such as firewall, antivirus and email protection, but to face new threats and protect itself against fast-moving risks such as ransomware, it needed a solution capable of detecting even unseen zero-day threats in record time. A goal that traditional solutions fail to meet by relying on rules, signatures and threat intelligence.

Confiar needed to incorporate an artificial intelligence layer to its security scheme, capable of protecting the modern digital infrastructure. Especially, in the current context of transition to a hybrid working model, characterized by social engineering attacks, hidden malware, unauthorized data transfers and other dynamic cyber threats.


By implementing the cyber defense system of Darktrace, Sofistic's partner, the following measures have been achieved:

Artificial intelligence to detect and predict attacks

Artificial intelligence learns unique enterprise behavior by identifying user and device patterns to detect subtle threat indicators and stay ahead of emerging risks.

Automation in incident investigation.

Cyber AI Analyst automates investigations to support the cybersecurity team at every stage, providing critical details in an agile manner. It combines human talent with the speed of AI to investigate incidents up to 9 times faster than a human.

Constant defense with proactive threat monitoring.

This service allows alerts to be sent directly from the Security Operations Center (SOC) to the contacts designated by Confiar when incidents are identified that point to a serious emerging attack.


During the initial test, Darktrace already detected some new vulnerabilities on the organization's devices.

On the other hand, the automated alerting system provided necessary support in the transition to a hybrid work environment, with employees combining work from home and physical branch offices, minimizing guesswork in uncertain times.

Dynamic AI and additional support services protect the financial institution during remote work in and out shifts.